G Suite to Office 365 Migration Guide




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    Kristian Halonen

    Did this guide used to have something regarding time of the MX cutover?

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    Larry Kaye

    Hi, Kristian:

    Thanks for the feedback.

    We'll take a look and make the appropriate updates.



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    André Monveux LONDE MINDOUDI

    How can we migrate an group email address from G Suite to Office 365?

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    Rob Latino

    Hi André Monveux LONDE MINDOUDI,

    According to the article link below, Google Groups migrations are not supported at this time.


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    Tobias Thaastrup-Leth

    I'm migrating from G Suite to Office 365.
    I have created some 365 Groups in the 365 admin portal, which has same name/e-mail adress as some excisting G Suite users.
    Is it possible to migrate these G Suite users email to the respective newly created Office 365 Group with same name?

  • Hi Tobias Thaastrup-Leth,

    According to the article link below, MigrationWiz does not migrate Google Groups at this moment.

    The article was last updated 1 month ago unless something has changed, this should still be true.

    I am currently also performing Google Suite to Office 365 migration, and a few months ago, I got the same question.

    Hope my answer will help.



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    Kris Daniels


    It mentions that only a certain verion of GSuite for Business can be used with Mig Wiz, can personal Gmail accounts be migrated to Office 365?

    A company we are looking to migrate have 9 employees which are all using personal GMAIL accounts.

    Many thanks 

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