How do I get support for your products?

Our customers are important to us. We are committed to helping your MigrationWiz solution be a success. We understand that each organization has unique needs, and our Customer Success and Support programs are designed to help you choose the right program to meet your team needs. To ensure your success, we offer the following customer success and support plans with various services included as defined by the program. 

To ensure receipt of emails from our Support Team, please ensure that all communications from "" are able to deliver to your mail system. Adding that domain to safe senders or whitelist rules is the best way to do that before opening a ticket.

The web interface allows you to submit a ticket  directly to the BitTitan Support team. Customers may submit any issue online, and monitor previously submitted issues. 

In addition to providing support after you have started your migration, BitTitan provides coaching and training offerings to help you plan and configure your project for success. Additional details on our Customer Success programs are outlined below. 

Customer Support Programs

Support Service Basic Support Premium Phone Support
Pricing Included with Product License  $250 per Support ticket
Online Help Center Included Included
Email Support 24x7 24x7
Requested Call back from Support Technician   Call back within 2 hours
Email Support First Response 24 hours 2 hours
Languages Available English, Japanese English
How to purchase?   Available in the BitTitan Store

Each support ticket is scoped to a single issue. This enables us to quickly and thoroughly respond to all issues without one issue getting lost in a more complex discussion or fix. It also helps our engineers track, support, and address issues that you might encounter in addition to providing constant feedback to our Product and Engineering organizations. 

We are always working to improve our support and resolution systems. If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know.


Request Premium Phone Support

If you have a critical incident that requires direct access to Support Engineers, you can buy one or more Premium Phone Support licenses. ​​​A Premium Phone Support license will guarantee that Support Engineers will call you back within two hours from the time the request is received by our system. They will work with you until the problem has been resolved.

Follow these steps to purchase Premium Phone Support licenses:

  1. Select Purchase from the top right menu of MSPComplete or MigrationWiz.
  2. In the Services section of the bottom of the page, select Premium Support Single Incident or Premium Support Five-Incident Pack to access the Purchase Support Escalation licenses form.
  3. Select the number of licenses and click Buy Now to fill out the billing information.
  4. Once purchased, your Premium Phone Support license(s) will appear in the 24/7 Premium Phone Support field of the Contact Support form.

Follow these steps to use your purchased Premium Phone Support license:

  1. Go through the Guided Assistance form as described above.  You may find the answer to your question without needing to use the Premium Support license.
  2. If none of the presented articles answer your question,  click the Submit a Ticket button to access the support form.
  3. On the support form, in the 24/7 Premium Phone Support field, select the checkbox Request a Call-Back.
    • Your purchased Premium Phone Support license(s) will appear to the right. Selecting the checkbox will consume a Premium Support Ticket license and convert the support ticket to a Premium ticket.

Note: Premium Phone Support is only available in English.

Customer Success Programs

BitTitan has completed millions of migrations. We want to bring that experience and insight to help you ensure your project is successful. Our Customer Success programs are designed to help our customers gain the greatest value from Migration Wiz in the shortest amount of time, adopt new capabilities and workloads, and give customers the support, knowledge, and resources to streamline any type of migration project they come across. 

Your Customer Success Manager will be your coach and technical adviser for the planning, configuration, and execution of your migration project. If you are interested in how Customer Success can help you on your next project, please contact your Account Manager. 


Enterprise Onboarding

We offer project setup and strategy guidance for complex, large-scale projects to help you quickly adopt MigrationWiz and streamline your projects for successful delivery. Services can include dedicated up-front resources, multi-channel follow-up, and more.
• Dedicated Customer Success resource
• Good for complex, multi-workload migrations of 1,000 users and above
• Migration Scope, Strategy, and Success criteria defined and documented
• Recommended MigrationWiz project configuration
• Relevant knowledge base articles presented



MigrationWiz is the easiest cloud migration tool you can use. But for teams new to MigrationWiz, we developed an offering built around our Customer Success methodology, tailored to create a better end-user experience and to ensure your project’s success.
• Good for new MigrationWiz users and migration scenarios
• Migration Scope, Strategy, and Configuration defined and documented
• Relevant knowledge base articles presented




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