Versions & Metadata Migration for SharePoint & OneDrive

Document Properties Limitation

Microsoft Word document properties in Content Controls are not retained at the destination after migration. References to custom metadata values within a document appear broken after being migrated to the destination document library. This is a Microsoft limitation and can be replicated by copying a basic document to a new document library within the same tenant without the use of MigrationWiz. 

We have provided a workaround for this issue


Update the appropriate number of versions to be migrated from advanced options before running the migration. Migration of up to 25 versions (minor + major versions), including current version, is supported. To migrate versions, ensure that the Versioning checkbox is selected before starting the migration. Documents must always be selected to migrate versions.

Multi-pass behavior

Running more than one migration pass can have a variety of impacts on the number of versions of a file at the destination. During the first migration pass/run, a file and its associated versions will be migrated to the destination. 

The destination file will be overwritten with a new version if:

  • The source file has a new version.

The destination file will not be overwritten with a new version if:

  • The source file content has not changed.
  • A version of the source file is deleted.
    • MigrationWiz doesn't identify this as a change in file content. This means that the file that was deleted at the source will not be deleted at the destination; it will remain at the destination.
  • The destination file is altered in any way. There after if there is a new version of the source file and the project has advance option RenameConflictingFiles=1, it will be migrated over as new file-hash name.


Handling of minor versions at destination

SharePoint allows for a file to have minor versions. This setup is possible through document library settings. Document library settings are not migrated by MigrationWiz.

It is possible for a source file to have the latest versions as minor versions at the time migration.

  1. When the latest minor version has received content changes after the initial migration, then the file is migrated with versions to a destination where the existing document library settings don't have minor versions enabled, the final version at the destination will be a major version.
    1. For example, if File B, along with latest minor versions 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3, is migrated to a destination document library where minor versions are not enabled, the destination versions will set as 0.1, 0.2, 1.0. The latest minor version (1.3) is set as major version at destination (1.0).
  2. When the latest minor version exists without content change (e.g. metadata value change) then the destination version continues to be a minor version.

If the content of a file migrated by MigrationWiz in the initial pass is updated by users at the destination, then the subsequent migration pass will not overwrite this file even if the source file has a new version available.


MigrationWiz supports the migration of metadata, which is set and available at the specific document library level. Any metadata referencing information from outside the document library (such as lists or other site-level data) is not migrated. For example, these types are not migrated: external data, managed metadata, lookup.

Multi pass behavior

Supported metadata is migrated in the first pass, along with the documents. In subsequent passes, any new metadata changes will not be migrated beyond the initial migration, as metadata is technically part of the document file. This also applies to folder metadata.

New metadata changes for files will be migrated with new versions on subsequent passes. Folders do not have a version history, so no metadata changes will get migrated.

Metadata checkbox behavior

Selecting the Metadata checkbox will ensure that columns are created for supported custom metadata at the destination document library before metadata values are migrated. If the destination document library already has custom metadata columns at the time of migration, the custom metadata values (for supported metadata types) will be migrated to the destination even when the Metadata checkbox is not selected.

MigrationWizId column at destination

As part of the migration, an additional column named MigrationWizId is created at the destination as a watermark for migrated documents.

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