Teams Private Chat FAQ

This guide will cover frequently asked questions related to Microsoft Teams to Microsoft Teams migrations. It is not intended to replace any part of the migration guide, which lays out the steps necessary to perform a Teams Private Chat migration. 

Are private chats migrated? 

MigrationWiz now supports private chat. Please review the Team Private Chat Migration article.


Keep in mind the private chat migration through EWS is no longer available since Microsoft has restricted the Teams' data access stored in a user's mailbox. For more information please review this article.

Will the destination chats be updated with changes made to the source chats after the next pass migration?

Yes, they will, so long as:

  • Clean Up has not been performed.
  • The same project is used for subsequent migration of the line item in question.

What happens to the chats that are not hydrated in the destination?

If a chat cannot be migrated (meaning hydrated), an error will be noted in the Summary of the particular line item(s). These will showcase what type of chat (1:1, Meetings, Group) has not been hydrated.

Does MigrationWiz support Guest (External) users migration?

Currently, Guest (External) Users are not supported since Global Administrators cannot access such users. For more information, please refer to this article.

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