Sharing projects using PowerShell


  • These are the steps for sharing projects through PowerShell using the BitTitan SDK
  • MigrationWiz supports the capability to share migration projects across a Workgroup. Migration projects are no longer tied to individual accounts, they are tied to Workgroups. When Workgroup Administrators turn on the Project Sharing feature, all Agents besides those who are Inactive are able to view all migrations projects.



In order to retrieve shared projects via the BitTitan SDK, a special ticket needs to be used. This is to ensure backward compatibility with existing scripts that use regular tickets.
The following example shows how to obtain a ticket with the project-sharing option set:
$mwTicketWithProjectSharing = Get-MW_Ticket -Credentials $credential -WorkgroupId $workgroupId -IncludeSharedProjects

  • WorkgroupId: ID of the workgroup that we're getting a ticket for
  • IncludeSharedProjects: Sets the project-sharing option on the ticket

The ticket can then be used to retrieve shared projects. The following example shows how to retrieve shared projects, assuming we previously retrieved some customers:
$projects = Get-MW_MailboxConnector -Ticket $mwTicketWithProjectSharing -OrganizationId $customers.OrganizationId

Sample Script

This sample script in our GitHub shows a full example of how to use project sharing in the SDK.


  • The ticket with the project sharing option can only be used with the Get-MW_* cmdlets. It cannot be used with the Get-BT_* cmdlets
  • The option - IncludeSharedProjects requires the use of - WorkgroupId (it cannot be used independently). The workgroup ID should reference a workgroup that the agent has access to.
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