Teams Migration: Adding a Filter

Teams uses virtual folders to represent the teams and channels. Teams are folders that contain contact groups, while channels are folders of conversations. This guide will walk you through the setup and management of these filters.

The hierarchy of a typical Team looks like this:


Depending on the situation, there are two ways to filter teams. Both options use Regex to define the teams to be included or excluded from the migration. The examples below will use the diagram above to show the format needed. The actual names from the source environment will need to be used. Filters are entered in the Advanced Options for the project. For more information on additional folder filtering options, see How do I filter a folder?


Note: Filtering uses the MailNickName rather than the DisplayName.

Option One: Inclusive Filter

This filter migrates only the specific teams listed. This is the best option for migrating select teams inside a project in batches or when only a small number of the overall teams in a tenant need to be migrated.

  • To migrate only a specific team, use the format below for your filter:

  • To migrate a single specific channel:
    ^(?!team1/Channel 1|team1/Shared Documents/Channel 1)

  • To migrate a single specific private channel:
    ^(?!team1/Channel 1|team1:Channel 1/Shared Documents/Channel 1)

  • To migrate several specific channels:
    ^(?!team1/Channel 1|team1/Shared Documents/Channel 1|team2/Channel 2|team2/Shared Documents/Channel 2)

  • To migrate two or more teams, set up the filter like this:
    ^(?!team1|team2) and then add another pipe (|) before each additional team name.


Option Two: Exclusive Filter

This filter is used to exclude specific teams from the overall migration. This is the best option for when there are just a couple of teams inside of an organization that are not going to be migrated.

  • To skip a specific team:

  • To skip a specific channel:
    (^team1/Channel 1|^team1/Shared Documents/Channel 1)
    Important: The “General Channel” cannot be skipped. If a filter is entered for the General channel, the filter will be ignored by the system.

  • To skip a specific private channel:
    (^team1/Channel 1|^team1:Channel 1/Shared Documents/Channel 1)

  • To skip multiple teams or channels, use the same format as above, but use a pipe delimiter to separate the team names:

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