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Administrators and managers can add their IT personnel to MSPComplete to manage customer resources and deliver services.

Note: The term "agents" refer to the personnel who provide IT services using MSPComplete. The organizations and individuals who have IT services performed for them are called customers and users, respectively. For help adding customers and users to MSPComplete, refer to the Managing Users and View, Add, and Edit Your Customers articles.


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Invite Agents to a Workgroup

To add accounts to an MSPComplete workgroup, administrators or managers invite people to become agents, assigning each agent a role. Invitees can be Partner employees, customer employees, or anyone else with a valid email address.

To add an agent, you need only supply the prospective agent’s email address. It is best to use the person’s primary work email, but any email address in any domain will work. The agent will use this email address to register and log on. MSPComplete will send email reminders of the agent’s pending or overdue tasks to this address.

Follow these steps to invite Agents to a workgroup:

  1. Select the workgroup on the top of the left navigation pane.
  2. Click People on the left navigation pane.
  3. Under the Agents tab, click Invite Agents..
  4. Click the Role drop-down menu, and then assign the prospective agents a role:
    • Administrator
    • Manager
    • Associate
    • Inactive

      Note: Only administrator agents can assign the administrator role to other agents.

      For more information: Read the Agent Roles and Privileges article.
  5. Enter the email addresses of the prospective agents separated by commas
  6. Click Invite.

MSPComplete sends a message to the email addresses explaining how to join the workgroup. After the agent registers with MSPComplete and verifies the email account, the agent name appears on the People page under the Agents tab. The agent provides this name when registering.

Important: If you are an administrator for multiple workgroups and you want to invite the same person to join several workgroups, you must send that person an invitation from each workgroup separately. The invited agent must accept each invitation individually, registering with MSPComplete on the first invitation. The agent’s role can vary for each workgroup. In one workgroup, the agent may be an administrator, and in another, a manager. The agent information cannot be copied from one workgroup to another.


View Pending Invitations

An invited agent has 30 days to respond before MSPComplete cancels the invitation. Click the Invited tab on the People page to view invitations that have not yet been accepted. Each line lists the email address, the assigned role, and the time the invitation expires.

  • After the agent accepts the invitation by registering with MSPComplete, the agent information is removed from the Pending tab and added to the All tab.
  • If the recipient declines the invitation, the list indicates that the invitation has been rejected. The notice disappears from this list once the invitation expires.


Cancel or Resend Invitations

To cancel or resend an invitation, click the user name in the pending list. Then click on Cancel Invitation. 

To resend invitations, simply follow the Invite Agents to a Workgroup section of this article with the previously invited agent entered in the Addresses field.



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