View Statistics in the Workgroup Dashboard Page

The Dashboard in MSPComplete provides a bird’s-eye overview of all the BitTitan services you use across your entire customer base in the selected workgroup. The active services tiles on this page are updated whenever you start a project or use a BitTitan service. This graphic array of useful information about your services and projects is a powerful tool for managing your customers. Note that the service and project data for the Dashboard is collected continuously from the activity in the Delivery Center and on the Services page.

On the Dashboard, the MSPComplete “smart” upsell and cross-sell engine continually surfaces product, service, and activity recommendations, or suggestions, based on real-time customer events. You’ll see these suggestions across the MSPComplete interface as you work with your customers. Take advantage of the recommendations to identify opportunities for better managing your customer base and for selling additional products and services to customers to boost their business.

To open the Dashboard, select the appropriate workgroup in the left navigation pane and then click Dashboard.


Important: After a customer has been created in a workgroup, you can reuse that customer for any other BitTitan service or project within that workgroup. Additionally, your first logon to MSPComplete automatically populates your customer list with all the customers from any previous BitTitan projects.

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Top services and service status summary

The top services and service status sections of the Dashboard provide valuable, up-to-date information about the current state of all of your customers’ services in MSPComplete – all viewable at a glance.


Top Services by Number of Customers

The tiles in this chart show you which services are getting used by the largest number of customers.



Top Services by Total Usage

The tiles in this chart show you which services are getting used the most by your customers collectively.



Summary of Service Status

The tiles in this chart show you the totals of all your customers’ services that are either in progress or have not yet started.


Tip: This data is updated whenever you refresh the page or switch pages in MSPComplete.


Feed Preview

This section displays a preview, or subset, of the feed notifications across your customer base. If you see any feed items with the status Critical or High, you might want to attend to those as soon as possible.

Tip: Clicking See All below the last feed item in the list takes you to the Partner Feed page.


When you click the ellipsis () button to the right of each individual feed item or grouping of feed items in your personal feed or a customer feed, you’ll see a drop-down menu containing these four options:

  • Click View Details to open the Details pane and see more information and options for the feed item.
  • Click Dismiss to remove the feed item from the list of displayed items. Note that the feed item is not deleted; it is only no longer visible. To redisplay all dismissed feed items, perform these steps:
    1. Click Feed in the left navigation pane.
    2. Click the Filter button in the upper left.
    3. Click anywhere in the Dismissed field, and then click Show Dismissed.
    4. Click Filter at the bottom of the form.
  • Click Navigate to go to the relevant location or page in MSPComplete or MigrationWiz where you can see complete information about that service or project and make changes to it, if necessary.
  • Click Flag or the flag icon to set a visual reminder to follow up on that feed item. When you flag an item, the flag icon changes to blue-green. You can easily “unflag” that item later.


Active Services

This section provides a graphical display of the services that are currently active across your customer base. For each active service, you’ll see the information below:

  • The name of the service
  • The date and time when the service was last updated
  • The total number of projects for the service
  • The total number of items for the service
  • The total number of devices for the service
  • The progress status of the service: Not started, In progress, or Completed 

Note that clicking one of the service tiles takes you either to the Delivery Center for the customer or to MigrationWiz (for migration and HealthCheck services).

Important: If a migration or HealthCheck service has not started because one or more of the customer’s computers are currently incompatible with the service, the “donut” graphic and corresponding numbers show you how many computers are incompatible. You can see this in the screen shot below:



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