MSPComplete Glossary





A User of MSPComplete who can perform actions in the platform, depending on their assigned role. The Agent works for the Customer.


The companies (managed services providers and ITSPs) that use MSPComplete to provide managed services to their Customers.

Delivery Center

The page in MSPComplete where services are managed.

Device Management

A suite of BitTitan services for managing Customer devices. This includes HealthCheck for Office 365 and DeploymentPro, and requires installation of the Device Management Agent on Customer environments.

Device Management Agent (DMA)

A lightweight and non-intrusive remote computer-management application that collects diagnostic information about your Customers’ environments. DMA also enables DeploymentPro to configure mail profiles on User computers after a mailbox migration to Office 365 or hosted Exchange.


The function of an endpoint or Device Management that detects Users, computers, devices, and servers at an organization, and then adds them as Customer entities in MSPComplete.


Sets of logon credentials that allow MSPComplete to automatically connect to a server or Service (like an Exchange server, Office 365, or other cloud services).


A collection of two or more Users who are joined into a unit for a specific organizational or business purpose. Groups are discovered through endpoints, or can be manually created in MSPComplete.


The BitTitan platform, designed to help managed services providers and ITSPs deliver services to their Customers.

My Tasks

The page in MSPComplete where Agents claim and manage tasks.
Roles A hierarchy of role-based permissions. MSPComplete provides three roles:
  • An Associate can assign subscriptions already purchased from a distributor.
  • A Manager can purchase, assign, and renew subscriptions for Agents.
  • An Administrator has full access to all Customer, service, and billing information within a Workgroup.


The defined procedures, scripts, process documentation, and other resources designed to perform Tasks. A Runbook that has been assigned to a specific Customer becomes a Service.


A Runbook (see the definition above) that has been assigned to a specific Customer.


A collection of people in a Workgroup in MSPComplete that can be assigned Tasks and Services.


The individual who works at the companies that Customers manage (i.e., your Customer's employee).


A security boundary for Customers, service templates, feed items, and billing information and activities.



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