The account does not have permission to impersonate the requested user




  • These directions don't make sense for Office 365. It is a web site, I don't have a Windows Start Button in Office 365

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    robert najjar

    These directions make complete sense, as you are using Windows PowerShell to remotely connect to Office 365 services. Followed them completely, and worked w/o issue.

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    Mike Monks
    I'm still getting an ErrorImpersonateUserDenied message, even though I've given my service account management role assignments (with the instructions above) and also given it FullAccess to every destination mailbox with New-MailboxPermission.
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    Nicholas Humaciu

    Hello Mike,

    There is a bit of propagation that takes place once the permissions are applied. If you have waited 20-30 minutes after applying the permissions and the error is still happening, you would need to create a support ticket here. 

    Our technicians can investigate the matter further for you.




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