How do I import files from Azure into my MigrationWiz project?

How do I import files from Azure into my MigrationWiz project?


Once you have files in either BitTitan storage or your own Azure storage account, you can add them to your MigrationWiz project by following these steps:

From your project dashboard:

  • Choose Quick Add to manually add the names of the files that have been uploaded into Azure into your project. If using Quick Add, define the full path to your files (filename included), for example: Filename.pst or Foldername/filename.pst.
    • Notes:
      • Do not include the URL from BitTitan storage.
      • File names in Azure are case-sensitive.


  •  Click on the AutoDiscover Items green bar to AutoDiscover, and import the names of the files from BitTitan storage.  AutoDiscover is the recommended and easiest option to choose. The steps below provide more detail on using AutoDiscover:
    • Click on the blue Start Auto Discovery bar in the left-hand panel.
    • Once the PST files have been discovered, click on the green + Import Items button.

Now choose the Destination to ingest each file into. For example, for PST migrations you will edit the Destination mailbox. To do this, follow the directions here. For OneDrive migrations, you will choose the Office 365 account to ingest into.

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