General FAQ's

Do you support MFA?

Unfortunately, this is not something that MigrationWiz supports. (We have in our roadmap for future updates)

How do you apply for licenses?

The only license that you need to apply before starting a migration is the User Migration Bundle license. All other licenses will be automatically assigned when you start the migration.

What are your support hours?

Within 24 hours, you will receive an email from Customer Success & Support with the appropriate advice and assistance.

Do you offer assistance with setting up and planning migrations?

We offer 2 types of services for migration assistance.


  • The dedicated customer success manager
  • Kick-off meeting and planning sessions
  • Definition of project scope, strategy, and success criteria
  • Proof-of-concept (POC) planning
  • Direct assistance troubleshooting errors (e.g., authentication) within the test phase
  • All other issues will be addressed as the best effort before a potential handoff to Support

Advisor Hours

  • MigrationWiz setup assistance
  • One meeting up to 60 minutes
  • Support for Source/ Destination questions, migration preparation, and configuration

Can you bulk-add users via CSV?


Yes, This form allows you to enter data manually, paste data from a spreadsheet editor, or upload a CSV file. Use our sample CSV file to get started.


Bulk Add supports up to 5,000 items. Uploading a file will erase all the existing data in the spreadsheet, and fill it with data from the file.

Is there a way to export users from MigrationWiz?

Unfortunately, there is no option to do this in the tool. A workaround would be to request a report from within the tool and option up the project statistics CSV that will list all the users there.

How long is our project saved within the tool before it is removed along with all data?

BitTitan has a strict data protection policy and will purge your projects after 180 days unless otherwise specified in the Advanced Options. Any upcoming deletion will be communicated through warnings in the web interface and via multiple emails. If you can’t find a project, check your spam to ensure you didn’t miss warnings of impending deletion.

How many times can we run the migration?

You can run up to 10 delta passes for the migration. But that is not a strict requirement.

Will the tool know to automatically consume another license if the data cap is reached on the current one assigned?

You can tell MigrationWiz to consume additional licenses automatically within the project’s advanced options when the data cap is reached for the current migration.

Can I run multiple migrations simultaneously?

Yes, but we recommend keeping the number of concurrently running migrations for an environment to 100 or fewer in order to limit the risk of throttling being imposed by your tenant. 

Will the tool create the users in the destination automatically?

The tool cannot create users in the destination. The customer needs to provision the complete tenant before doing the migration.

Can I download the tool onto my PC?

Bit Titan is a SaaS-based tool that only connects directly to your environments and migrates the data, you do not need to install or deploy anything into your systems to perform the migration.

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