Migrating a Public Folder with Multiple Item Types

The default behavior for Public Folder migrations is to only migrate items that match the folder type of the Public Folder.

If you have Public Folders that contain item types that do not match the folder type of the Public Folder, such as mail items in a Calendar folder, these can be migrated by adding an Advanced Option to your project.


  1. Click Edit Project.
  2. Click Advanced Options.
  3. On the bottom right of your dashboard is the Support section. Under Support Options, enter RemoveFilterBasedOnFolderType=1


  • This option only allows the migration of mail items into a non-Mail folder; calendar and contact items cannot be migrated to Mail folders.
  • Only items that EWS understands will be migrated, i.e., email, contacts, appointments.
  • If a non-mailbox item has been directly added to the Public Folder, such as an Excel spreadsheet, that item will not be migrated, even when using this Advanced Option, because EWS does not understand that item type.
  • Email with attachments, like Excel spreadsheets or Word documents, will get migrated.
  • EWS refers to Exchange Web Services. This is the protocol that is used by MigrationWiz to communicate with Exchange 2007+ in order to perform migrations.
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