Estimating the Required Public Folder Migration License Count

To obtain an estimate of the number of Public Folder migration licenses required for a migration project, you must first download and install the BitTitan SDK. This provides you with two components: the BitTitan PowerShell, and the BitTitan Management Console. The BitTitan Management Console is the component you will be using.

For guidance downloading and installing the BitTitan SDK, see How do I install the BitTitan SDK​?

Ensure that you have a MigrationWiz Public Folder migration project created. For guidance on creating a project, see the Public Folder Migrations Guides on the BitTitan Help Center.

Once you have the migration project created:

  1. At the Run command, launch the console by typing: bittitan management console.
  2. ​At the Select environment prompt, press Enter to accept the default environment, BT (default).
  3. In the pop-up window, enter your BitTitan credentials.
  4. Select Option 3 - Manage local Exchange Server.
  5. Select Option 6 - Export public folder data. This produces output similar to the screen shown in Figure 1, below:

    Figure 1
  6. Enter a number that matches the name of the MigrationWiz Public Folder migration project that you created. You will then see a report similar to the one shown in Figure 2 below. The Public Folder license estimate is shown in the area circled in red.


Figure 2

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