Finding Public Folder Size for Migration

The simplest way to determine the size of your Source Public Folders is to run a PowerShell query to obtain the size-related statistics from your Public Folders.

Here is an example script that will pipe the results into a file named PFStatistics.csv. You can then use this information to break up your Public Folders into smaller-sized Public Folders. Add up the total item size for all folders to determine the total approximate amount of data being migrated.

Get-PublicFolderStatistics | Select-Object Name, FolderPath, ItemCount, TotalItemSize | Export-csv .\PFStatistics.csv -NoTypeInformation

  • If your Source is Exchange 2007, and any Public Folders contain more than 20,000 items, these should be broken into multiple Public Folders.
  • If your Source is Exchange 2010 or later, and any Public Folders contain more than 100,000 items, these should be divided into multiple Public Folders.
  • The Microsoft TechNet article here provides further detail on Microsoft Public Folder size limitations.
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