PST file(s) could not be found in the Azure container Error

​The following PST file(s) could not be found in the Azure container: "filename(s)"


This error indicates that MigrationWiz couldn't find the PST file inside the Azure container.
  • If you are using BitTitan storage:
    • This could be because the file has been removed, according to our retention policies defined in BitTitan Azure Storage - Retention Policies. You may need to upload your PST file again.
    • This could happen if you uploaded PST files to one PST BitTitan Storage project, and then moved the migrations to a diffe​rent PST BitTitan Storage project. This is because the container name is not the same between the two projects. Move the migrations back to the original project.
  • If you are using your own Azure account, verify that the file is still present in your account.
  • File names in Azure are case-sensitive, and must be an exact match to the PST Path in ​MigrationWiz.
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