Office 365 Group to Office 365 Group Mailbox (Conversations) Migration Guide




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    Dan Djurasovic

     Hi Rob

    At very first line on MigrationWiz Steps says. 

    Create the mailbox migration project > select the customer > select the Source endpoint (Office 365 Group) > select the Destination endpoint (Office 365 Group). KB004380

    But the screen below is asking for URL? There is no URL in your documentation. 

    Is this SharePoint URL? 

    Do we have to create End Point for each individual Office 365 group? What if we have 2000 Office 365 Groups?


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    CHG IT Operations



    Since no one answered this for an entire year...... 

    I was just informed by support YES you do have to create a new endpoint (Source AND Destination) for all groups... 
    Good luck.. Lots of redbull.. and cussing.. 


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