Migrating Mail-Enabled Public Folder Email Addresses

By default, MigrationWiz does not migrate any email addresses that are assigned to a mail-enabled public folder. This means that the primary or alternate email addresses assigned to a public folder that is mail-enabled at the source will not be set up properly at the destination. Rather, only the default primary email address is set, which is the name of the public folder (without spaces), plus the default email domain for not having the email address policy set. (for example, myPublicFolder@myDomain.onmicrosoft.com ).

Before running the import script, open the csv file mail-enabled-public-folder-email-addresses.csv and remove and addresses that would not be an accepted domain in your destination tenant. When removing the address, remove the entire row for that address and then remove the blank row.

If you wish to also migrate the primary and alias email addresses, use the following PowerShell scripts. The scripts export and import SMTP addresses only:

  1. Export the email addresses from all mail-enabled public folders at the source by running the PowerShell script Export-mail-enabled-public-folder-email-addresses.ps1. (Link to script in GitHub.)
  2. The resulting CSV file from running the export script will be used by the import script to create the addresses in the destination. Do not change the name of the CSV file.
  3. Import the email addresses for all mail-enabled public folders at the destination by running the PowerShell script Import-mail-enable-public-folder-email-addresses.ps1. (Link to script in GitHub.)
    The scripts can also be downloaded below.
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