Troubleshooting UploaderWiz

Confirm you are using the latest version of the UploaderWiz from this link​. Also ensure that your command does not have any typos, missing parameters, or mismatched quotes.

Using UploaderWiz requires that .NET Framework version 4.6.1 or later be installed on the computer on which UploaderWiz runs.


If no files are uploaded:

Possible causes:​​

  • ​The container name was entered incorrectly. Check that you entered the proper container and did not misspell anything.
  • UploaderWiz Failed.
    • If the UploaderWiz command console returns the following error: "UploaderWiz is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable programmer batch file", the likely cause is that you are trying to run the Uploader command from the wrong directory location. Change to the directory that you extracted UploaderWiz files into, and retry.
    • More details for UploaderWiz errors can be located within the UploaderWiz log files. You can find the UploaderWiz logs under %LOCALAPPDATA%\BitTitan. Scroll to the bottom of the log file and analyze the information contained within. Troubleshoot based on the entries recorded in the log file.
  • You used a folder or file filter that is incorrect. Correct syntax or spelling errors in any filters you applied.
  • The root path points to the wrong file or folder. Correct the path name to the desired folder. If there are any spaces in the folder name then the entry must be specified in quotes, for example, "c:\Home Directories"
  • Launch the command prompt as an administrator, then run the UploaderWiz commands.

If items are missing after the upload:

  • Clean the UploaderWiz cache by deleting the folder %TEMP%\UploaderWiz.
  • Try uploading the files again, making sure to run UploaderWiz as an administrator.

If files are still missing:

  • Set the local administrator as the owner of the files you are uploading.​
  • Try uploading the files again, making sure to run UploaderWiz as an administrator.​​

​​If the UploaderWiz seems to hang or run slowly:

  • ​It may take some time to discover or upload large files. Check for unex​pectedly large files that may slow down the upload, or for many smaller files that will take time to index.
  • Check your internet connection and make sure the network is not overloaded.
  • Ensure your firewall is not blocking or slowing traffic.
  • Check the local machine and make sure other apps aren't using bandwidth.
  • Try reducing the amount of bandwidth that UploaderWiz is consuming. For guidance, see Reducing Bandwidth consumed by UploaderWiz
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