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    Marc Bertram

    Is the time for the start of Deployment Pro also my local time like over the Webpage or is it required to enter the time in GMT time Zone over the powershell way?

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    Rob Latino

    Hi Marc Bertram,

    The time input behaves just like the GUI when configuring DeploymentPro using PowerShell. Unless you explicitly assign the time zone like ‘1994-11-05T08:15:30Z’ or ‘1994-11-05T08:15:30-05:00’ in the console, DeploymentPro will treat the input as local time zone and convert into UTC thereby.

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    Micheal Seng

    PrimaryEmailAddress: Enter the users’ primary email addresses that are displayed in the Users page in MSPComplete, as shown in the screenshot below. it's not DeploymentPro since the primary email address that is being displayed on DeploymentPro might not be as accurate since it depends on the how the computer profile being configured. 

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    Dustin Lloyd

    Just looking for additional clarification regarding the scheduled time: - "Scheduling is done by the local computer time of the computer being scheduled." - Does this mean that if mm-dd-yyy 08:00 is entered in the powershell, that deployment pro will alert the user at 8am their time? or will it convert based on the time zone difference and alert them at 8am of the administrators time?

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    Nicholas Humaciu

    Hello Dustin,

    When you schedule the cutover, the time you enter would be based on the admins machine you are scheduling for. As an example, your admin is on the West coast, while the users are located on the East coast. If the admin schedules the cutover for 9AM on the West coast, the East coast users will have their cutovers start at 12PM their time. 


    Hope this helps.



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