Migration Strategies & Planning

BitTitan and MigrationWiz support three primary migration strategies. Deciding which of the three to use depends on factors related to your migration workload, as well as the size of your migration and other factors.

Migration planning is a very broad subject that includes variations depending on the migration workload, as well as your migration endpoints. For planning information that is not in your scenario's migration guide, search the Help Center using keywords.


Migration Strategies

There are three primary migration strategies: Big-bang, Pre-stage, and Quick-switch. Each is appropriate for specific migration scenarios depending on the workload, size of the migration, and time span over which the migration can (or should) take place.


Migration Planning

Migration planning is a very broad subject and we’ve tried to provide some of the key migration planning articles in the list below. However, we have nearly 400 Knowledge Base articles tagged as planning-related, so the list only scratches the surface. You are encouraged to search the Help Center using specific keywords to better surface articles to support your projects.

Note: MigrationWiz now supports the capability to share migration projects across a Workgroup. Migration projects are no longer tied to individual accounts, they are tied to Workgroups. When Workgroup Administrators turn on the Project Sharing feature, all Agents besides those who are Inactive are able to view all migrations projects. For more information, see Project Sharing in MigrationWiz.

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