Project Sharing in MigrationWiz

Projects in MigrationWiz refer to individual migrations from one environment to another. MigrationWiz offers the option of sharing these projects with multiple agents. 

MigrationWiz projects are no longer tied to a specific BitTitan User account. With the introduction of project sharing, migration projects are now affiliated with a specific Workgroup. This means that an active Agent who is part of a Workgroup will be able to see almost every migration project for that specific Workgroup. Workgroups in MigrationWiz operate as separate working containers for your Agents, Customers, migration licenses, and migration projects. For more information on Workgroups, visit the Workgroups Overview and Workgroups FAQ.

If you're an Administrator in the Workgroup, and you're on the All Projects page, you'll see a checkbox at the top of the toolbar. Checking the box will enable project sharing for the entire Workgroup.

While migration projects are now connected to Workgroups instead of individual BitTitan User accounts, the following pages will still display the following:  

 MigrationWiz Homepage (

  • The Active Migrations section includes all active migrations across your current Workgroup.
  • The License Overview section displays all licenses associated with a specific Workgroup, not just one MigrationWiz account.

MigrationWiz -- My Projects Page

  • The left-nav indicates your current Workgroup. You will see all projects associated with this Workgroup.
  • Click on the All Customers tab to filter projects by Customer. You will see all projects associated with the selected Customer.

My Projects Page Update: You will now see a Project Sharing box at the top of the toolbar. This will allow you to turn the project sharing feature On or Off, provided you're an Administrator in the Workgroup.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Are Workgroups in MigrationWiz different from Workgroups in MSPComplete?

A: No. Workgroups are created in MSPComplete, but they carry over to MigrationWiz.

Q: How do I add or remove Agents to or from a Workgroup?

A: Add  Agents under the People tab in MSPComplete.  To stop sharing projects with someone in your workgroup, set their role to Inactive.

Q: Do the different Agent roles in MSPComplete (Administrator, Manager, Associate) have different permissions in MigrationWiz projects?

A: Yes. Only the Administrator can enable or disable project sharing in MigrationWiz. However, all Agents have the same permissions for any MigrationWiz project within their Workgroup(s). Inactive Agents will not be able to see or create any MigrationWiz project.

Q: Is project sharing supported by the BitTitan SDK?

A: Yes.  This functionality has been added and you can find out more in the article How do I share projects using PowerShell?

Q: Are there any visual indicators to distinguish who has performed an action on a MigrationWiz project?
A: No. However, there are ways to request updates and action logs. Please see these articles:

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