Release Notes - Mailbox Usability Enhancement

We’re Excited to Announce the Mailbox Usability Enhancement 2023 Release

MigrationWiz is the industry-leading SaaS solution for streamlining migrations across mailboxes, documents, public folders, personal archives, hybrid exchange management, and Microsoft Teams. Our platform enables users to easily discover and select items at the Source, map and sync the Destination, verify, test, pre-stage, and identify potential issues before a full migration. With detailed post-migration reports, MigrationWiz ensures a thorough review of the end results. Our solution offers a fully automated, accessible anytime/anywhere, enterprise-grade security experience through a single centralized interface.

What’s New in MigrationWiz?

Mailbox Usability Enhancement Release

MigrationWiz supports migration between common environments such as Exchange, Microsoft 365, Lotus Notes, and Google/G-Suite. In our latest mailbox enhancements release, we've expanded our capabilities to encompass a broader range of items that can be migrated between Source and Destination mailboxes.

Personal Folder and Calendar Permissions Migration for Mailboxes

MigrationWiz now supports automatic migration of mailbox permissions for folders and calendars. With this powerful new capability, shared mailbox, folder, and calendar permissions will be seamlessly migrated without any action required from the MigrationWiz user. Our migration coverage and thorough mapping of the Source and Destination ensures a smooth and hands-free migration process, with no need for manual re-application of permissions.

Please Note

MigrationWiz users can export mailbox and folder contents to PST files, but folder and calendar permissions cannot be exported this way.

Assigning Licenses to Users and Groups

MigrationWiz has enhanced its functionality to allow license assignment for users and groups for Microsoft mailboxes during regular mailbox migrations. With this update, users can also expect MigrationWiz to automatically create users in the destination tenant, similar to what is currently done during coexistence migration. To access this new feature, users can navigate to the Source/Destination section of the Advanced Options and select the "Apply Licenses to Target Mailboxes during Pre-Stage Process" checkbox in the 'Destination' section. Then, navigate to the mailbox project and select "Apply Microsoft 365 Licenses" to enable license assignment.


Based on the dependencies or limitations for Gmail/GSuite mailboxes, we can maintain the current implementation. Meaning, that MigrationWiz has the option to assign a license or a license group only with Microsoft mailboxes.

Mailbox Rules Migrations

MigrationWiz has streamlined and further improved its functionality to enable customers to migrate Server-Side Rules and Client-Side Rules for specified conditions and actions. This includes Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft 365, and Google/G-Suite for both tenant level as well as for regular (personal) mailbox settings. This new feature streamlines the migration process and ensures a seamless transfer of mailbox rules between mailboxes, making the process effortless for users.

Automatic Replies (Out-of-Office Messages) Migrations

Customers can now migrate automatic replies (out-of-office messages) from Source to Destination mailboxes using various available endpoints within MigrationWiz. This includes Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft 365, and Google/G-Suite for both tenant level as well as for regular (personal) mailbox settings. This feature streamlines mailbox migration and seamlessly transfers auto-responses.

Signatures Migrations

Customers can now migrate mailbox signatures from Source to Destination mailboxes using the Google/G-Suite endpoints within MigrationWiz. This latest addition to MigrationWiz simplifies the migration procedure and guarantees the smooth transfer of signatures across mailboxes.

Please Note

Due to dependencies and limitations for O365/Exchange Server 2013/2016 mailboxes, the capability to migrate signatures only applies to Gmail and GSuite mailboxes

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