Release Notes - December 2023

We’re Excited to Announce the MigrationWiz December 2023 Release

MigrationWiz is the industry-leading SaaS solution for streamlining migrations across mailboxes, documents, public folders, personal archives, hybrid exchange management, and Microsoft Teams. Our platform enables users to easily discover and select items at the Source, map and sync the Destination, verify, test, pre-stage, and identify potential issues before a full migration. With detailed post-migration reports, MigrationWiz ensures a thorough review of the end results. Our solution offers a fully automated, accessible anytime/anywhere, enterprise-grade security experience through a single centralized interface.

What’s New in MigrationWiz?

Modern Authentication for M365 Mailbox Migration Projects

Enhanced security is now embedded in M365 mailbox migration projects with the ability for users to set client ID and tenant ID for M365 endpoints. This update includes a thorough verification process for these IDs, reinforcing the security and efficiency of migrations.

For more information, please visit the following documents:

Google Sheet Versioning Enhancement for Delta Sync

Our latest update improves the Google Sheets versioning functionality during migrations from Google Drive to OneDrive. This enhancement ensures accurate replication of version changes, elevating the overall migration experience.

For more information, please visit the following documents:

Enhanced Google Drive to OneDrive Migrations

We've made significant improvements to the migration process from Google Drive to OneDrive, ensuring a more efficient and effective data transfer.

Teams Permissions Enhancement for Seamless Collaboration

This update refines the handling of permissions in Teams migrations. Accurate and proper mapping of permissions is now ensured, enhancing the collaborative experience in the destination environment.

Enhanced OneNote and File Exclusion Capabilities

MigrationWiz now offers improved capabilities for OneNote migrations and file exclusions. This feature is particularly beneficial in OneDrive migrations, where users can strategically exclude OneNote files during the Trial and Pre-Stage migration stages. The exclusion can be applied until the Full Migration stage, addressing the limitation that OneNote Online does not support page-level versions. This targeted approach provides greater control and efficiency in the migration process, ensuring a more tailored and effective strategy for handling OneNote files.

Streamlined Migration for Microsoft 365 Groups

The migration process from Google Groups to Microsoft 365 Groups has been significantly streamlined. Enhancements to the Microsoft 365 Groups endpoint enable more efficient and seamless migrations of conversations and members.


For more details on these updates and their benefits for your migration projects, please visit our Bittitan Help Center.

We thank you for choosing MigrationWiz and remain dedicated to continuously enhancing our services to meet your migration needs.

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