Release Notes - February 2024

We’re Excited to Announce the MigrationWiz February 2024 Release

MigrationWiz is the industry-leading SaaS solution for streamlining migrations across mailboxes, documents, public folders, personal archives, hybrid exchange management, and Microsoft Teams. Our platform enables users to easily discover and select items at the Source, map and sync the Destination, verify, test, pre-stage, and identify potential issues before a full migration. With detailed post-migration reports, MigrationWiz ensures a thorough review of the end results. Our solution offers a fully automated, accessible anytime/anywhere, enterprise-grade security experience through a single centralized interface.

What’s New in MigrationWiz?

Streamlined Microsoft Office to Google Drive Document Conversion

Enhancement in the migration experience from OneDrive to Google Drive, specifically addressing the conversion of Microsoft Office documents to Google formats. 

With this update, we ensure a seamless conversion of Microsoft Office documents to Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides, leveraging advancements in our migration logic and API utilization. This enhancement not only streamlines the process but also guarantees that your documents retain their integrity and functionality in the Google ecosystem, without the need for manual adjustments or reformatting.

This improvement reflects our commitment to responding to user feedback and delivering a migration solution that meets the needs of our diverse user base, making your transition to Google Drive as effortless as possible.

SharePoint to SharePoint Online Migration Update

This update enhances the migration experience, ensuring seamless transitions without confusing error messages in our SharePoint to SharePoint Online migration process

Improved Status Display for Document and Permissions Migration

Users will now see a green tick mark indicating successful migration when transferring documents and permissions together. This update ensures a smoother experience for migrating your data without any disruption.

Enhanced Project Name Validation

You'll now be notified if a project name you've chosen is already in use, ensuring that each project has a unique name and improving data organization.


For more details on these updates and their benefits for your migration projects, please visit our Bittitan Help Center.

We thank you for choosing MigrationWiz and remain dedicated to continuously enhancing our services to meet your migration needs.

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