Release Notes - April 2024

We’re Excited to Announce the MigrationWiz April 2024 Release

MigrationWiz is the industry-leading SaaS solution for streamlining migrations across mailboxes, documents, public folders, personal archives, hybrid exchange management, and Microsoft Teams. Our platform enables users to easily discover and select items at the Source, map and sync the Destination, verify, test, pre-stage, and identify potential issues before a full migration. With detailed post-migration reports, MigrationWiz ensures a thorough review of the end results. Our solution offers a fully automated, accessible anytime/anywhere, enterprise-grade security experience through a single centralized interface.

What’s New in MigrationWiz?

Improved Project Purge Notifications for Inactive Projects

We've enhanced the project purge functionality for inactivity, ensuring improved communication and notifications for project maintenance. Projects now undergo proper purging if the designated time has passed. If a project exceeds the specified maintenance days without deletion, it indicates an active or blocked task within the project. Users will receive an email notification explaining the failure to purge due to this blockage, allowing for prompt resolution and smoother project management.

For more information, please visit the following document:

Improved Google Shared Drive to SharePoint Migration

We're excited to introduce enhancements to MigrationWiz that simplify the transition from Google Shared Drive to SharePoint. With these updates, you'll experience a smoother migration process, enhanced access management, improved security, and simplified administration.

Introducing enhanced features for seamless migration: breaking inheritance (creating unique permissions) at the folder and file level when shared directly with users, inclusion of the 3 standard groups in unique permissions alongside directly shared users, and Permission Mapping for effortless Google Shared Drive to SharePoint migration. These updates are a testament to our commitment to leveraging user feedback to improve our solutions, aiming to make your migration to SharePoint as effortless and efficient as possible.

For more information, please visit the following document:

For more details on these updates and their benefits for your migration projects, please visit our Bittitan Help Center.

We thank you for choosing MigrationWiz and remain dedicated to continuously enhancing our services to meet your migration needs.

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