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Autodiscover Items - Failed, Specified Method is not Supported

This usually happens when there are issues with the Source tenant. Make sure you follow the steps for the Failed to verify Microsoft 365 Credentials - Error due to insufficient Administrator rights of the endpoint account error and try again.

Cannot Delete Line Items

When line items are not in Not submitted or Completed status, you cannot delete them. This error is expected and you should wait for items to change their status to delete them.

Wrong User(s) in Line Items

This error appears due to a check on the line items created or autodiscovered.

Follow the following steps to fix this issue:

  1. Delete the existing line item.


    Currently, the UI does not have an option to edit line items.
  2. Create new line items with the correct user email.

Alternatively, if the Autodiscover feature is used, users can edit their CSV and upload it through Bulk Add.

Attempt Migration of Guest (External) Users

When full migration is performed on a line item that contains an external user, the verification check will fail, as Global Administrators cannot access such users.

This is an expected error: Failed verification, insufficient permissions.

Currently, there are no steps to fix this, as Guest users are not supported for migration.

Failed Verification when Verifying Credentials

You might encounter the Failed Verification error when verifying your credentials. This could happen at the source, destination, or both.


To solve this issue please we suggest:

  • Make sure both the Source and Destination have accepted the application consents, Full Access and Delegate Access respectively.
  • Verify the users exist in the Source and Destination tenants.
  • Check for errors in the Usernames. If a username is incorrectly written, delete the line item and create a new one with the appropriate Usernames.

Uncompleted Migrations

Payment is Required

Currently, the Early access uses a metered approach to GraphAPI queries and is in the Evaluation mode, limiting the queries that can be used in a migration. Once a given tenant has exceeded the monthly permitted queries, the migration stops, and the Failed full migration: Payment is required error appears.


This limitation cannot be resolved currently, but after a month users can continue with their migrations. The timing of when the limit is hit will depend on how many messages and chats in the tenant are migrated.

Destination Credentials Failed

In case you start full migration for a user at the source that does not have a user at the destination the migration stops and the Failed full migration: Destination Credentials failed error appears.


As a workaround, please follow the steps below:

  1. Delete the existing line item.
  2. Create a new destination user email.
  3. Create new line items with the correct user email.
  4. Retry your migration.
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