Statuses & Stars

MigrationWiz utilizes a number of statuses and other visual cues throughout the migration process. These statuses are explained below, as well as the stars and progress bar.  


  • Hybrid Exchange Migrations are not yet available everywhere.  This feature is currently being tested and will be available in the near future.


Standard Migration Types

Not Submitted

The migration has not been submitted, and nothing is currently happening with the item.



The migration has been submitted and is waiting to be assigned to a migration server.  If the migration is scheduled to run at a future time, it will say "Submitted (will start in X hours)". This specific "Submitted" scenario can be stopped to be rescheduled for another time. The Submitted state normally will take only a few minutes. However, it can take longer depending on some specific options, such as being scheduled for a later time, or the number of concurrent migrations. Other than migrations scheduled for a future time, migrations in the Submitted status cannot be stopped.



The migration is now assigned to a migration server worker. The worker is gathering information before starting the migration. The gathered information includes information on any previous migration passes, any previous watermarks or errors. For more information on the watermarks, see How does MigrationWiz prevent duplicates?. This process can take up to 15 minutes, depending on how much information is being gathered and other traffic on the migration server. Migrations in a Queued state cannot be stopped. If the migration sits in Queued for longer than 40 minutes, contact Support to investigate.

In some exceptional situations, a mailbox may take longer to start (20 minutes or more). This may happen if we experience extremely high load where, for example, a single customer submits 100,000 mailboxes for migration. 


Waiting for User

The migration is waiting for the user to submit User Credentials. This Status Message applies to migrations that are not set up with an Administrator account on one or both endpoints. Users with the "Waiting for User" Status cannot be deleted or reset. They must be stopped before any changes can be made to them. This Status will last until either the user follows the instructions in the User Credentials email, or until the migration is stopped and the credentials are cleared.



During the migrating phase, MigrationWiz attempts to connect to the Source and Destination endpoints, then scans all the folders on the Source and will try to recreate the folder structure on the Destination, and apply any folder mapping set up for the project. After all folders have been verified/created, all items on the Destination are scanned for watermarking (see How does MigrationWiz prevent duplicates?) and compared to the items on the Source. This process can take quite a while, depending on many different factors. The progress bar refers to what percentage of the folders have been completed, rather than the overall progress of the migration. A better option to make sure that items are still migrating is to click on the item, then check the Migrated Items section on the next page. The total number of items will show you how many items have been migrated and the Folder Summary will tell you how many folders have been migrated out of how many total, as well as which folder is currently being migrated. Migrations that are currently in progress can be stopped.



When MigrationWiz receives the command to stop the migration, the migration server will finish the current process that is being worked on, return the license (if applicable) to the available licenses on the account, and then confirm that the migration has stopped. This process can take a while, depending on the number of folders, the number of items in the folders, and where the migration is in the migration process. It is normal for "Stopping" to take as much as 30 minutes in some cases. If "Stopping" is still the status after 45 minutes, contact Support.



The process of "Stopping" has been completed, the server has confirmed that the migration has stopped. Changes can now be made to the user or project, and the migration can be restarted.



The migration failed for some reason. The error message can be seen by clicking on the item. The migration process has been terminated, and the license (if a license was used) is returned to the available licenses on the account.

Hybrid Exchange Migrations (Feature Coming Soon)

Not Submitted

The batch has not been submitted for syncing. Users can still be moved into the batch in this state.


The batch has been submitted and syncing has started. Users can no longer be moved into the batch. Users can be moved out of the batch, which will delete any information migrated for the removed user. This process will sync 95% of the mailbox and the Microsoft license will be applied to the user in the Destination tenant.


The mailbox has been successfully synced to 95% and is now pending finalization. Mailboxes will continue to sync changes until Finalization is started.


The finalization process has been started. This process syncs the last 5% of the mailbox, applies all mailbox attributes to the user as configured in the Advanced Options.


Finalization has completed successfully. The user's mailbox has been cutover to Office 365, all pre-configured settings have been applied, and user is now using the Office 365 mailbox instead of the Hybrid Exchange mailbox.


The process failed for some reason. The syncing or finalization process has been terminated.


How do I fix the “Waiting for User” status?

Option 1: Have the mailbox user enter their credentials to begin the migration from the original email that was sent to them

Ask the mailbox user to find the original email and to follow the instructions in the email. The subject of this email will be: "ACTION REQUIRED: Information required for your migration". This will contain a link to click on, which will then open up a secured access form in which the mailbox user can securely enter their credentials in order to begin their migration.


Option 2: Resend the email requesting credentials to the mailbox user

To have the email requesting credentials to be resent to the user, while the status shows: "Waiting for User" follow these directions:

  1. Select the mailbox (by clicking the checkbox next to the username).
  2. Click on the Stop button at the top of the dashboard.
  3. Click on the Clear Credentials icon at the top of the dashboard.
  4. Click on the checkbox for Clear Source Credentials or Clear Destination Credentials (depending on the reason for migration failure).
  5. Click on the Clear Credentials button.
  6. Select the mailbox and start the migration again. Another email will then be sent to the mailbox user, requesting their credentials. The mailbox user will then need to open this new email and follow the instructions in the email.


Option 3. Delete the mailbox user from the MigrationWiz dashboard.


  • Care should be taken before deleting any users from the MigrationWiz dashboard. If any prior migration passes have been made for the user, then, at the time that the user is deleted from the dashboard, the migration statistics will be deleted. This will not, however, remove the migrated items from the Destination mailbox.
  • If you delete the mailbox user, you will also be deleting any licenses that have been consumed by that user in any previous mailbox migration passes.
  • It is not possible to directly delete the mailbox from the dashboard while it is in the state: "Waiting for User".

To delete the mailbox, follow these directions:

  1. Select the mailbox (by clicking on the checkbox next to the username).
  2. Click on the Stop button at the top of the dashboard. This will restore the mailbox license to the account.
  3. Select the mailbox (by clicking on the checkbox next to the username).
  4. Click on the Delete Items icon at the top of the dashboard.


If the user enters invalid credentials in the secured access form, the status will change from "Waiting for User" to Failed. Click on Failed to see if the Source or Destination credentials are incorrect. In order to resubmit the migration with the correct credentials, follow these directions:

  • Select the mailbox (by clicking on the checkbox next to the username).
  • Click on the Clear Credentials icon at the top of the dashboard.
  • Click on the checkbox for Clear Source Credentials or Clear Destination Credentials (depending on reason for migration failure).
  • Click on the Clear Credentials button.
  • Select the mailbox and start the migration again. Another email will then be sent to the mailbox user, requesting their credentials. The mailbox user will then need to open this new email and follow the instructions in the email.


Progress Bar

The bar length indicates the number of folders processed so far. Because folders typically vary in size, the bar length does not necessarily correspond to the total percentage of items processed. The bar may remain "stuck" at the same length for an extended period of time if the folder being migrated is very large.

The number (for example: 112.18 MB) indicates the amount of data transferred so f​ar. This number will increase constantly, showing the total data transferred thus far, and is independent of the bar length.

You can access more detailed progress statistics for each mailbox by doing the following:

  1. Sign in to your MigrationWiz account.
  2. Locate the Item and click on its status.​

NOTE: The timestamp indicates when the statistics were last updated. If the statistics have not been updated within a few minutes, it means that the migration is currently in retry mode. The statistics will continue to be updated o​nce the retry limit has been exhausted. This may potentially take 15-30 minutes, depending on your server settings.



The stars in the dashboard are a MigrationWiz feature that allows you to mark certain items if you wish to, for easy tracking, etc.

There are six (6) colored stars, and one noncolored. These can be used any way you want them to be. 

Set Stars Individually

  1. Mark items with a star:
    • In the project page, click on the star icon on the far left and select the color of star you wish to use

Note: You can add stars of the same color to multiple items at once by selecting all items with the checkmark at the top of the column, then clicking the star above the star column and selecting a color. This will remove the previously set star colors and set all items to the selected color.


Filter by Star Color

  1. Filter by the starred items:
    • Click on the Filter
    • Select the colored star you want to use for your filter.
    • Review results.

How to remove the filter:

  • Click on the Filter
  • Remove the check mark from the box next to the colored star that you previously used as a filter.

Your dashboard will now shows all items, including any stars that have been added to items.

How to remove a star:

  • Click on the star icon for the individual item and select the non-colored star on the far left of the selection box.

Note: You can remove stars from multiple items at once by selecting all the starred items that you wish to remove stars from, then clicking on the star at the top of the page above the star column, and clicking the non-colored star on the far left.


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