Folder Exists Error

ErrorFolderExists: This error indicates that we are requesting a folder to be created in the Destination mailbox, and the Destination Exchange server thinks that the folder already exists.


There is a known issue with the Exchange API we use to create your folder. It compares certain characters incorrectly, and thinks that a similarly spelled folder name is the same folder. For example, Exchange thinks the following two folders are the same:

  • Caesar
  • Cæsar​

As we can see, these folders are different but Exchange thinks "ae" is the same as "æ" because it is incorrectly comparing the two. Note that you do not experience this problem in Outlook, because it uses a different API to create the folder than we do during migration. To resolve the problem, first locate the offending folders. Then rename one of the offending folders at the Source. You will need to perform the following:

  1. Sign in to your MigrationWiz account
  2. Click on Go to My Projects.
  3. Select the project where the failing mailbox resides.
  4. Select the mailbox that is failing, and click on it to view its statistics.
  5. In the upper-right, you will see a list of errors. The "ErrorFolderExists" error tells you which folder has a duplicate.
  6. To resolve the problem, log in to the Source mailbox and rename the folder found (the one that we are failing to create) by appending something at the end of the folder, such as "2". Once you have renamed the folder, resubmit the mailbox for migration.

If the migration fails with the same error, you did not locate and rename the correct folder.

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