'>' is an unexpected token

​​​'>' is an unexpected token: This error means that we tried to connect to Exchange Web Services (EWS) but received a redirect to another page such as an OWA web page. Instead of receiving a web service XML payload , we received an HTLM payload which results in this "unexpected token" error. This typically indicates that the server does not implement EWS and that we are unable to authenticate to the server.


We recommend the following:

  1. Review the error message to determine if the error originates from the source or destination.
  2. Check the Exchange version used by the corresponding source or d​estination Exchange endpoint.
  3. If it is Exchange 2003, EWS is expected to be unavailable. Check credentials by logging in to OWA.
  4. If it is Exchange 2007, 2010, 2013, or 2016, EWS is expected to be available. Check EWS acce​ss by performing the following:
    1. Test access
    2. Verify access​
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