Troubleshooting DeploymentPro

We recommend that you try the following fixes in the order they are presented. 

  1. If you are migrating to Microsoft 365, and the Outlook profile configuration pop-up fails to complete, the first thing to try is to log in to the customer Office 365 admin portal and check that the user account has an Microsoft 365 license assigned to it.  If not, assign a license and reset the user's profile schedule date to a later date or time, so that the profile configuration will retry for the user.
  2. If the profile configuration continues to fail, the next step is to check the logs to attempt to determine the root cause for the failure.  The logs for DeploymentPro can be found under the following location: %LOCALAPPDATA%\BitTitan\DeviceManagementAgent\module\OutlookConfigurator\log\archive
    Note: %LOCALAPPDATA% is a hidden directory. An example path for %LOCALAPPDATA% is C:\Users\xxxxxxx\AppData\Local - where xxxxxxxx refers to the username.
  3. Run Windows Update.
    • Open the Control Panel and search for Windows Update.
    • Click on Check online for updates from Microsoft Update.
  4. If you are migrating to Office 365, install the Desktop Setup tool from Microsoft 365.
    • Log in to
    • Go to the PC and MAC section and click on Desktop Setup.
    • Click on Set up to download and run the Desktop Setup Agent from Microsoft 365.
    • Restart your computer.
  5. Submit a ticket to BitTitan Support which includes the following information:
    • Your name.
    • Your phone number.
    • BitTitan account username (The email address used to log into MigrationWiz)
    • Customer name in MSPComplete.
    • Name and email address of the affected user.
    • A full, detailed summary of the issue, any errors messages, and the user experience.
    • A list of the troubleshooting steps you have performed so far.
    • The following information:
      • Registry Information. Take a screenshot of the values in the following registry key for the user and include it in the ticket: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office\16.0\Outlook\AutoDiscover.
      • Windows Explorer folder information. Take a screenshot of the values below and include the screenshot in the ticket.
        • Look in the following folder: C:\Users\{user}\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook\16
          Note: This is a hidden folder, so you must show hidden folders before you can access it.
          Note: The last part of the folder path is dependent upon Outlook version, so it may show different numbers.
      • DeploymentPro module log files:
        • Include a copy of the log files from the last failed profile configuration attempt.
          Note: As above, they are located here: %LOCALAPPDATA%\BitTitan\DeviceManagementAgent\module\OutlookConfigurator\log\archive
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