Could not map Exchange web service folder - Error

​Could not map Exchange web service folder. 
This error indicates that MigrationWiz couldn't find a folder in the expected folder path. This usually implies a user renaming folder at the Destination.

The most common scenario for this error to occur is when:
  • A user has a label in GoogleDrive such as 'a/b/c' or 'a' / 'b' / 'c'.
  • The user is migrated, MigrationWiz will attempt to create a folder tree such as "a" / "b" / "c".
    • The user renames "a" as "a/b" and deletes "b" and "c".
    • A folder "a/b" already exists at the Destination.



We recommend the following:
  1. Have the user log in to their Destination environment and delete the folder(s) that they updated.
  2. Sign in to your MigrationWiz account.
  3. Open your Project and select the users that were in error.
  4. Click on the Reset Items icon.
  5. Click on the Reset Items button.
  6. Click on Start Migration.
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