Illegal characters in path

​Illegal characters in the path.


This error is due to some characters in the path of the item(s) that may be incompatible with the Destination.
The first step is to identify the exact item(s) that are failing.  
In order to determine this, the following steps should be followed:
  1. Enable Log subjects of failed items in the Advanced Options of your project. Refer to How do I get the subject of failed items? for exact steps.
  2. Submit the migration again.
  3. In the MigrationWiz main project dashboard, click on the item that contains errors. 
  4. To get the exact name of the items that contain invalid characters, look in the informational box labeled: "Migration Errors".
  5. Let the end user know the exact file names that were causing issues. They will need to rename these at the Source. They will need to rename the file name to match the Destination file name requirements.
  6. Once renamed, then the migration can be resubmitted.
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