The invalid value 'XYZ' was specified for the 'Name' element

​The invalid value 'XYZ' was specified for the 'Name' element: This error indicates that an item failed to migrate because one of its properties is invalid. Often, the error will include characters that are clearly corrupt. Sometimes, the error may include a string that looks valid, but in fact contains invalid hidden or white space characters. As a result, the Destination system is rejecting the item. We often find that affected items were created by defective third-party applications (such as business card scanning software which creates contacts with a corrupt name).


We recommend the following:

  1. Log the subject of failed items.
  2. Retry failed items (subjects will be logged)​​.
  3. Review error logs to identify the offending items.
  4. Fix properties (i.e., open and save each item).

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