Migrating all Public Folders from the Root Level Down

  1. From your Public Folder project, click the green Quick Add button, or click on the Add menu and select Quick Add.
  2. In Root Folder Path enter "/".
  3. Click the Save Item And Close button. 
    • If the size of the folders is greater than 10GB, then multiple licenses will be required to complete your migration and you should set the Maximum licenses to consume per item per pass to the number needed for the expected amount of data you will be migrating (e.g., if you are migrating 55GB of Public Folder data, then 6 licenses will be required). MigrationWiz Licenses provides more information on how to set this.
    • There are specific settings needed for Public Folder migrations. We have migration guides available for most migration scenarios. You can select the guide for your migration from all the Public Folder Migration Guides on the BitTitan Help Center.
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