Deploying the Device Management Agent (DMA) through email

To deploy the BitTitan Device Management Agent (DMA) through email, you ask users to manually install the agent.

We recommend installing DMA through a group policy object because it’s automated and non-intrusive.

To deploy DMA through email:

  1. Click Customers on the navigation sidebar.
  2. Click the customer name for which you wish to deploy DMA.
  3. Click Users.
  4. Add a checkmark next to the user(s) that should receive the email.
  5. Click the Enable Device Management Through Email button.
  6. In the Enable Device Management via Email panel, enter your email address in the Reply-To Address field.
  7. Confirm that all of the users you chose are listed in the To field.
  8. To personalize the email message that the customer's users will receive, type your changes into the message body text box. If the customer's computers use a proxy, you must add instructions to run the DMA installer with command line parameters that ensure DMA is able to transmit data through the proxy. Read the How do I deploy the Device Management Agent on computers that use a proxy?​​ article for more information. 
  9. Click Send Agent Email.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT change the name of the DMA setup file sent via email, or let users share the file. Each emailed DMA setup file is only for the user and machine for which it is sent to.

The customer’s users will receive the email asking them to manually install the agent.​ The users and their computer information will start populating in MSPComplete under the customer’s context soon after the agent is installed and running.


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