Subscriptions, Agents, Teams, and Workgroups Overview

Once you have acquainted yourself with the basics outlined in Using MSPComplete with MigrationWiz, you’re ready to start managing your account, add subscriptions, purchase licenses, and then create workgroups, add agents, and create teams.

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About Subscriptions and Licenses

BitTitan offers two product lines – the MSPComplete platform, which you purchase as an annual subscription, and migration services, for which you purchase end-user licenses. For pricing information, see MSPComplete Pricing. BitTitan offers three MSPComplete plans – Get Organized and Get Automated – each with its own feature set and pricing.

The MSPComplete subscription pricing model is new starting in October 2017. Customers that have existing licenses will be grandfathered into the new model. 

BitTitan also offers migration licenses, which you purchase based on end-users. Migration licenses are available in two configurations. First is an offering called User Migration Bundle, which is an “all you can eat” migration package. With the User Migration Bundle, you purchase one license for each end user and then can migrate any number of workloads (mailbox migrations, document migrations, etc.) for each end-user license. Alternatively, you can purchase individual migration licenses. For more information, read the MigrationWiz Licenses article.

About Workgroups

Workgroups are a fundamental unit of organization within the MSPComplete ecosystem that align with MSPComplete subscriptions. Think of a Workgroups as billing containers that align with businesses that you have under management. You, as a managed services provider, align your customers and subscriptions with the containers and then populate them with your customers, their users, groups, endpoints, and so forth.


When you set up a customer account, the platform creates a default Workgroup, but you can create additional Workgroups if that makes sense for your business structure. The workgroup administrator populates a Workgroup by adding Agents and then controls the hourly rate and other settings for the Workgroup.

About Agents and Teams

Agents use MSPComplete to perform managed services for their customers. You create Agents by adding them to Workgroups. An Agent can belong to any number of Workgroups. Agents are also assigned a security role: Administrator, manager, or associate. The role restricts the type of activity a given Agent can perform. For more information about agents, see Invite Agents.

Teams are arbitrary collections of Agents and typically align with projects or Services. You can assign an MSPComplete Services to a Team; then, the Service Tasks themselves are assigned to Team members (Agents) by one of two methods. Teams are configured to perform either in “pull-from-queue” mode or in “load-balance” mode. In the pull-from-queue mode, Agent members of the team must manually claim available tasks. In the load-balance mode, Agent members of the team are automatically assigned based on their availability. For more information about Teams, see Add and Edit Teams.


Following are key concepts and terms you need to manage your MSPComplete account:

  • Workgroup: A workgroup is both a security boundary and a subscription/billing container for your agents and teams. Your MSPComplete subscription gives you a default workgroup. Within the workgroup you create teams.
  • Team: Teams are containers for agents. Use teams to segregate agents into logical groups appropriate for your business needs. Teams belong to workgroups.
  • Agent: Agents are your employees – that is, employees of MSP/ISV firms that use MSPComplete and other BitTitan products on behalf of their customers (users). Agents are assigned to teams.
  • Customers: Customers are your client companies – those clients for whom you provide managed services using MSPComplete.
  • Users: Users are the employees of companies that are serviced using MSPComplete.
  • Subscriptions and licenses: MSPComplete subscriptions are aligned with MSPComplete plans – Get Organized and Get Automated. Licenses (“migration licenses”) are purchased and assigned for specific migration projects that you run through MSPComplete using MigrationWiz.

Articles for Managing Subscriptions, Agents, Teams, and Workgroups

The articles listed below will help you manage Subscriptions, Agents, Teams, and Workgroups in MSPComplete.



Add and Edit Workgroups

Using workgroups, you can create separate sets of customers, Runbooks, and agent information.

Workgroups FAQ

Frequently asked questions for Workgroups

Invite Agents

Administrators and managers can add their IT staff to MSPComplete to manage customer resources and deliver services.

Edit Agent Role and Hourly Rate

Administrators and managers can edit agent roles and their hourly rate. Roles control what agents can do in MSPComplete, and the hourly rate is used to calculate the estimated cost for the services assigned to the agent.

Agent Roles and Privileges

By defining account privileges for the agents who use the system, you can determine exactly what information each MSPComplete agent can view and edit.

Manage Administrators for a Single Customer (legacy)

If you used MSPComplete before April 2017, your existing administrators are single-customer administrators in the updated interface and inactive workgroup administrators for the default workgroup.

Add and Edit Teams

A team is a set of MSPComplete agents who have similar expertise. When you run a service for a customer, you assign each task in the service to an agent or a team. If you assign a task to a team, team agents can claim the task, or MSPComplete can assign the task to an agent automatically.

Teams FAQ

Frequently asked questions for teams

Configure Billing Information for a Workgroup

Administrators must configure billing information for a workgroup before subscriptions can be purchased.

Change Billing to US Dollars (USD) for a Workgroup

The country you entered as your billing address determines the currency for credit card charges. If you are in a country where the local currency is enabled, you can choose to pay in USD by changing the workgroup settings.

Update the Billing Credit Card for a Workgroup

You can update the billing credit card information at any time, such as the name on the card, the card number, expiration date, or security code.

Purchase Subscriptions or Licenses for a Workgroup

To manage services for your customers, you purchase subscriptions that allow you to migrate user data and provide services on a continuing basis.

View Purchased Subscriptions or Licenses

Purchased subscriptions and licenses are displayed in the Licenses tab in the Settings section of MSPComplete.

Assign Subscriptions to Agents

Subscriptions don’t need to be assigned to agents. Instead, surplus subscriptions are consumed as agents are added to MSPComplete.

Managing Users Apply User Migration Bundle licenses to the customer's users before mailbox, document, and personal archive migrations can be performed for those users.

View Subscription or License Billing History and Invoices

The billing history provides a record of all licenses purchased using a credit card.

Disable or Enable Subscription Renewal

Administrators and managers can disable or enable subscription renewals for subscribed agents.

Generate a Subscription or License Coupon

You can transfer subscriptions and licenses from one workgroup to another, or from one account to another in MSPComplete by generating a coupon and then redeeming it in the desired workgroup or account.

Redeem a Subscription or License Coupon

Administrators and managers add subscriptions and licenses to MSPComplete by redeeming a coupon generated from a distributor, from another workgroup, or from a different MSPComplete account.

MSPComplete Feeds and Notifications

With the informative feeds that are provided in MSPComplete, you automatically receive regularly updated notifications pertaining to your customers’ service activities and changes.

View and Add Workgroup Reports

The reporting capabilities in MSPComplete help you evaluate the efficiency and profitability of service delivery to your customers.

View Statistics in the Workgroup Dashboard Page

The Dashboard in MSPComplete provides a bird’s-eye overview of all the BitTitan services you use across your entire customer base in the selected workgroup.

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