How do I get support for your products?

At BitTitan, our customers are important to us, and we are committed to helping your migration be as smooth and successful as possible. Migrations can be complicated, and we understand that each organization has unique needs, so our Customer Success and Support programs are designed to help you based on your specific needs. There are several options available, including a comprehensive Help Center full of migration guides, FAQs, and troubleshooting instructions, along with an international team of Customer Success Engineers for guidance related questions, support engineers for questions related to errors or migration issues. Additionally, Onboarding services are available to purchase for more complex projects that need setup and planning.

Help Center

Our Help Center is a large collection of articles that cover a wide range of topics. We’ve categorized them to make it simpler to find the answers to your specific questions.

  • Getting Started is a great source of basic information about all BitTitan’s products, along with basic overviews and release notes that are updated regularly.
  • Migration guides, frequently asked questions, and common troubleshooting steps are in the Migration Guides Articles are sorted by Source and Destination to ensure the information is applicable to your situation.
  • Error Lookup provides solutions error messages that can come up during a migration.
  • Our Customer Success & Support team can be reached through the Submit a Request button on the main Help Center page as well.

Customer Support

If the resources in the Help Center aren’t sufficient to resolve your problem, our Customer Support team is available via email to provide additional assistance. They are available to help with errors that occur within your migrations or with issues with the BitTitan product. This support is free of charge and is available in English. We’ve determined that email is the most efficient method to provide the best support to as many clients as possible.

Support is provided on a case-by-case basis when the client has identified a reproducible problem or issue that requires assistance to solve. See the lists below for guidelines and examples of the types of support we do and do not provide through Customer Success & Support.

In general, when you open a ticket with our Customer Support team, the following process will be followed:

  1. Your ticket will be triaged and assigned to the correct team for response
  2. Within 24 hours, you will receive an email from Customer Success & Support with the appropriate advice and assistance
  3. You will be able to reply directly to that email to continue the conversation with Customer Success & Support, should additional help be required
  4. Once your problem is solved, your ticket will be closed
Support We Provide Support We Don't Provide
This list includes examples of the types of questions that Custom Success & Support can help answer.
  • The software does not perform in-line with current documentation
  • End-user is unable to perform or configure BitTitan software with the current documentation
  • BitTitan software is not able to be accessed
  • BitTitan software does not produce the expected result as currently documented
  • New Releases: These announcements and availabilities will be made from our product release notes
  • Maintenance Schedule: Maintenance times and items will be made available as part of the System Status/Maintenance Notifications page

For more complex configuration needs, we offer additional onboarding programs. Please see Customer Success Programs for details about our onboarding programs.

Customer Success

Our Customer Success team is available to help with Guidance and “How-To” related questions with MigrationWiz.  They are able to provide assistance with setting up and planning migrations and can help to answer questions related to expected behavior. This assistance is free of charge and is available in English.

This list includes examples of the types of questions that Customer Success can help answer.

  • What are the prerequisites for my migration scenario
  • How do I set up my migration project
  • What should I plan for when running my migration
  • What should I expect to see when running my migration

These types of questions cover the subjects that Customer Success cannot help with.

  • Errors when running migrations
  • Instances where the migration tool is not behaving as expected as per documentation
  • Items not migrating which should have
  • Cut-over imminent and urgent assistance needed

Our customer success team works on a Monday-Friday business hours schedule and are not a 24x7 team.  Since the questions they can help with are related to guidance and migration planning, it is not intended for use with cases that require urgent responses.  Those should be directed to our Customer Support team.

Opening a Ticket

Tickets for both our Customer Support and Customer Success team are created by clicking the Submit a Request box on the main page of the Help Center. Once a ticket request has been received and triaged, all further communication from BitTitan will occur through the email address provided on the request form. These are the details requested on the form; the more complete the information you provide, the faster and more efficient our responses will be.

  • Email Address of MigrationWiz Account:
  • Support Region (Americas, APAC, EMEA):
  • Phone Number (optional):
  • Workgroup (optional):
  • Planned Migration Cut-over date
  • Guidance request vs. Product Problem
  • MigrationWiz Project (optional, but recommended):
  • Subject:
  • Description (provide as much detail as possible):

Safe Sender List

To ensure receipt of emails from our Support Team, make sure to add the and domains to your email provider’s Safe Sender list. Otherwise, emails may end up in your Junk Mail or Trash folders.

Support Model

Our Support Team operates in a two-tiered model. Tickets are initially triaged and answered by our Software Support Technicians.

If the issue requires a complex investigation, the ticket will be escalated to our Software Support Engineers. When this occurs, we will use the Support Region field to connect you with an Engineer in the nearest time zone. In some cases, this may not be an exact match, so a best fit will be determined. Our Software Support Engineers work on a Monday-Friday schedule in all three regions, with limited availability for urgent escalations on weekends.

In the event the ticket needs to be escalated further, our Escalation Engineers will engage our development teams. These tickets may require guidance on changes to both the project and customer environments and will require at least 24 hours to be reviewed by development.

Resolving a ticket

Tickets will be closed when one of the following occurs:

  • The end-user notifies the engineer the issue is resolved
  • The root cause of the issue is found to be outside of BitTitan software or control, and the client has been notified
  • Resolution steps are provided to resolve the issue
  • A viable workaround is provided to achieve the desired result
  • A feature request or change is filed with the Product Team for future functionality
  • The issue is identified as a limitation of a Third-Party product, and the issue needs to be re-assigned accordingly
  • The issue is determined to be caused by end-user education, and relevant information/documentation has been provided
  • The issue cannot be reproduced in the BitTitan Lab environments
  • The ticket has been in a Pending status awaiting client response for 72 hours

Pending Tickets

If a ticket is awaiting further feedback, details, or confirmation from the customer, then the status will be set to Pending. They are not closed, but they will be closed automatically after 72 hours. The system will send two notifications to the email on the ticket that it is about to be closed.

Onboarding and Advisor Hour Programs

For complex migrations, BitTitan has a Customer Success Managers team who can help with the migration process. These programs help our customers gain the greatest value from MigrationWiz quickly, adopt new capabilities and workloads, and give customers the support, knowledge, and resources to streamline any type of migration project they come across. 

Your Customer Success Manager will be your coach and technical adviser for the planning, configuration, and execution of your migration project. If you are interested in how Customer Success can help you on your next project, please contact our Sales organization for additional details and pricing. 


MigrationWiz is the easiest cloud migration tool you can use. But for teams new to MigrationWiz, we developed an offering built around our Customer Success methodology, tailored to create a better end-user experience and to ensure your project’s success.

This package offers the following:

  • Dedicated CSM resource
  • Single License/project scenario - if a single migration is doing mailbox, OneDrive, SharePoint, and teams for example, then all would be included in onboarding. However, multiple migrations would not be included.
  • Milestone-based engagement
    • Kick-off meeting
      • Scope confirmation
    • Planning
      • Requirements for your environment - Assistance with setting those up on a best-effort basis
      • Project Configuration - Setting up project as well as going over recommended settings
      • Help Center review
      • Support Ticket submission
      • Review applicable KBs
      • Completing a POC/Test Migration to ensure everything is working as expected.
      • Migration Scope Definition
      • Recommended MigrationWiz project configuration 
      • Recommended Migration Strategy
      • Relevant KB articles

Enterprise Onboarding

We offer project setup and strategy guidance for complex, large-scale projects to help you quickly adopt MigrationWiz and streamline your projects for successful delivery. Services can include dedicated up-front resources, multi-channel follow-up, and more.

This package offers the following:

  • Dedicated customer success resource
  • Multi-license scenario support, including migration planning and establishing success criteria
  • Milestone-based engagement, including a kickoff meeting, scope confirmation, and project discovery
  • POC/Planning, including environment setup, project configuration, and recommended approaches for your migration
  • Post-project review to verify success criteria and collect product feedback

Advisor Hours

If you only need a little assistance getting things set up and do not want to purchase the full onboarding package, we have advisor hours that can be used as an alternative.  These are single hour-long calls that can be used to help set up and plan your migration.  One of our Customer Support Managers will schedule a call with you to discuss your migration.

It should be noted that advisor hours cannot be used for any questions which would be directed at our Customer Support team.  They can only be used for assistance with setting up or planning your migration.  Anything requiring investigation would need to be sent to the Support team.

System Status and Maintenance Page

As part of the continuous effort to release new products and features for BitTitan Services, maintenance windows will be used and published on the site.

We strive to maintain the highest level of availability for all services, and in the event of system performance or required down time the page will provide the most current system statuses.

To accomplish these levels of availability we follow a standard SaaS policy for deployments, feature releases, and bug or security fix releases that minimize impact on the services availability.

For information at any time regarding the status of BitTitan’s platforms and services, we maintain a status site at We recommend all customers subscribe for updates.


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