Set Up a MigrationWiz Account

This guide contains guidelines on MigrationWiz account setup, deleting your MigrationWiz account, and choosing a password for your account.

Account Setup

Begin your account setup process,

  1. Register your MigrationWiz account
  2. Enter your first and last name.
  3. Enter your email - you will be receiving notifications during migrations, as well as information on licenses and more.
  4. Enter your phone number 
  5. Enter your country
  6. Click Create Account.
  7. An email will be sent to verify your account. Follow the instructions in the link.
  8. Your account is now set up. Welcome to MigrationWiz!

Deleting an account

To have your information removed from our platform permanently, please submit a request to and we will be happy to process your request as soon as possible.


On the upper right side of the screen, you will see your name. If you click on the arrow next to your name, you will be brought to the account interface. Here you may edit your email, phone number, and email preferences. 


Password Requirements

A MigrationWiz password requires between 6-50 characters, including one number and one special character.

Password Resets

A password reset can be requested at any time. An email will be sent with a link to the password reset page. This link will expire shortly after it is received. 

Account Lockout

Accounts will be temporarily locked after five unsuccessful attempts. You may retry login after 1 hour. 

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