Getting Started with Migrations

Welcome to MigrationWiz. This guide is intended to be a handbook to introduce what MigrationWiz does, the tools and resources offered by BitTitan, and how to get ready for a migration. 

You’ll start out by learning how to set up an account and how we protect your data. We’ll then give a short outline of the possibilities offered by MigrationWiz, from supported environments to project types. Finally, we’ll go a little more into the details of the migration process – scoping, planning, communicating, and setting yourself up for success.

How to use this guide

This guide is intended as a reference for essential documentation and vocabulary as you get started. It links out to some of our foundational documents which expand on the basics given here: information on licensing, project setup, legal standards, and more.

Here at BitTitan, we use a lot of specific terminology. For a quick reference guide of commonly used terms, please see the Dictionary of Terms at the end of this guide.

Detailed information about all of the topics covered in this guide, and much more, is available for free 24/7 in our Help Center.

Welcome to BitTitan!

At BitTitan, we endeavor to make your migration as easy and pain-free as possible. We offer a range of products, including MigrationWiz and DeploymentPro, to assist in managing and moving your data securely and efficiently.

Privacy & Data Security

At BitTitan, we take mailbox data security and privacy very seriously. Our product has been used across a wide range of industries including Fortune 100 companies, domestic and international government services, financial institutions, healthcare, and more – all with very stringent security requirements. 

For a full explanation of our policies, including EU privacy shield and model clauses, HIPAA compliance, and data centers, see the BitTitan Data Security & Privacy Policy article, and the white paper attached at the end of that article.

Managing your account

We recommend setting up a MigrationWiz account now if you are beginning the process of a migration with our product. It is not required to use the following documentation, but sometimes it's easier to be able to click through and look at the screens and processes as you're reading. 

Account Setup

To begin your account setup process:

  1. Register your MigrationWiz account
  2. Enter your first and last name.
  3. Enter your email - you will be receiving notifications during migrations, as well as information on licenses and more. We will never sell your information.
  4. Enter your phone number. 
  5. Enter your country.
  6. Click Create Account.
  7. An email will be sent to verify your account. Follow the instructions in the link.
  8. Your account is now set up. Welcome to MigrationWiz!


On the upper right side of the screen, you will see your name. If you click on the arrow next to your name, you will be brought to the account interface. Here you may edit your email, phone number, and email preferences. 


Password requirements: A MigrationWiz password requires between 6-50 characters, including one number and one special character.

Password resets

A password reset can be requested at any time. An email will be sent with a link to the password reset page. This link will expire shortly after it is received. 

Account Lockout

Accounts will be temporarily locked after five unsuccessful attempts. You may retry login after 1 hour.

Deleting your account

To have your information removed from our platform permanently, please submit a request to and we will be happy to process your request as soon as possible.

Product Overview


MigrationWiz is your fully automated, 100% SaaS migration solution - accessible at any time from anywhere. A single, centralized interface streamlines everything from simple mailbox moves to enterprise-scale migration projects.

MigrationWiz can migrate documents, mailboxes, public folders, shared drives, Microsoft Teams, archives, and more. A full list of supported environments and types can be found here.


BitTitan DeploymentPro is a module of Device Management and the Device Management Agent (DMA) that remotely configures Outlook email profiles after you perform a mailbox migration to Microsoft 365.

Please Note: Due to the many configurations that may be present in your environment, it is highly recommended that you test early to see if DeploymentPro will work in your specific environment before you are ready for cutover. This will allow time for any issues to be addressed before your cutover. 

DeploymentPro configures Outlook email profiles to the new Destination server and moves users’ AutoComplete, email signatures, and PST (Outlook Data File) files to the reconfigured email profile. However, DeploymentPro does not set the users’ default email signatures for new messages, replies, and forwards. For more information about the capabilities of DeploymentPro, please visit our Guide and FAQ.

Healthcheck for Microsoft 365

HealthCheck for Microsoft 365 is a migration readiness tool that assesses customer computers for compatibility with Microsoft 365. No license is required for this product, as it is a module of the Device Management Agent (DMA), which is included with MSPComplete. The assessment runs automatically once DMA is running. Computers may be used while this scan is running. For more information about Healthcheck for Microsoft 365, please visit our help article here.

BitTitan SDK

The BitTitan SDK gives you access to the BitTitan Command Shell and Management Console, which you can use to automate or execute many MigrationWiz actions.

Other products

BitTitan also offers tools such as the Device Management Agent, the Hybrid Management Agent, and UploaderWiz. These are specific to processes and environments within migrations.

Migration types

Planning for a migration begins with understanding the migration type. Different migration types require different licenses and run on different schedules and structures. A migration for your company may require one type or several. It is not uncommon for migrations to include more than one migration project type.

  • Collaboration: Collaboration projects are used to migrate a Microsoft Teams instance from one Microsoft tenant to another. All Teams, Channels, files, and permissions are migrated
  • Document: Document projects are used to migrate document drives from one cloud storage to another. The folder hierarchy will be maintained from the source to the destination.
  • Hybrid Exchange: Hybrid Exchange projects are used when migrating an On-Premises Microsoft Exchange 2010+ organization to Microsoft 365. They are often larger projects and are usually done over longer periods of time in batches. Hybrid migrations have a different process than a standard migration and are processed on the Hybrid tab in MigrationWiz. 
  • Mailbox: Mailbox projects are used to migrate the contents of the primary user mailbox from the source to the destination. Most mailbox migrations can migrate email, calendars, and contacts.
  • For mailbox migrations, administrative credentials are required to access mailboxes. In most migration scenarios, the admin account needs to have full access rights to the Source mailboxes. 
  • Personal Archive: Personal Archive projects are used to migrate archive mailboxes or PST files from one environment to another.
  • Public Folder: Public Folder projects are used to migrate part or all of a Public Folder from one server to another. As with document migrations, the folder hierarchy is maintained from the source to the destination.
  • Supported Migration Environments

The list below is a generalization. For some, such as Google Workspace, multiple environments within the whole are supported, while Google free accounts are not. For the full list and requirements, see Supported Systems.


  • Dropbox
  • IBM Lotus Notes
  • Google Workspace
  • IMAP
  • Microsoft Suite (Exchange, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams, etc.)
  • Novell GroupWise
  • POP
  • VMware Zimbra Server


  • Dropbox
  • IMAP
  • Microsoft Suite (Exchange, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams, etc.)
  • Google Workspace

Supported Scenarios

For a complete list of our supported scenarios, see Supported Migration Scenarios. We are adding new supported migration types regularly, and frequently offer beta programs for upcoming features or migrations, so be sure to check the listing regularly.

What We Do and Don’t Migrate

MigrationWiz has different interactions with each supported environment based on connectors and permissions. As a result, the items migrated also differ by environment, and by the specific pairing of source and destination. The Migrated & Not Migrated Items article explains the general items that usually migrate from each source. Migration guides will call out special items or processes unique to that migration scenario if applicable.

Environment permissions and settings change frequently, and we are always adding new functionalities and options to MigrationWiz, so we suggest checking back regularly to see if new items have been added.

This is not a comprehensive list. There are subsetting and some items that will also migrate which are not listed. If you have questions or concerns about a specific item not listed, Support can answer your questions and help you choose the best migration path.

MigrationWiz cannot migrate items that are not supported by the destination, although in some cases, we can convert items from the source to something that is accepted on the destination, e.g., Google Docs in Google Drive to Microsoft Word in OneDrive for Business. If an item is eligible to migrate from the source but the destination does not support it and it cannot be converted, it will not move.


BitTitan datacenters are compliant with ISO/IEC 27001/ 27002:2013, SOC 1, Type 2 and SOC 2 Type 2, PCI DSS Level 1, HIPAA/HITECH, CJIS, CSA CCM, FERPA, and more.


Licenses are required for most migration projects in MigrationWiz, though a few exceptions are noted in the migration guides. A license is required for each user who will be migrated and intended for a single use. To find license pricing information and purchase licenses, click the Purchase button at the top of your MigrationWiz or MSPComplete dashboard. We accept all major credit cards, and wire transfers in certain situations.  

You may verify the credentials of items in MigrationWiz without migrating data or consuming any licenses. 

Most licenses are automatically applied during the migration process if you have the correct amount in your account. The exception to this is the User Migration Bundle license, or UMB, which must be applied manually. Steps for applying this license type are available in the appropriate migration guides. 


  • When purchasing with a credit card, payment is immediately processed during checkout. If successful, licenses are granted to your account instantly.
  • Wire transfers are available for purchases of 100 or more licenses. If you are purchasing at least 100 licenses, you will be presented with an option to purchase via wire transfer during checkout. A wire transfer checkout will generate an invoice with wiring information for your accounts payable department and bank. Once the funds are received by our system, the licenses are granted to your account immediately. 

BitTitan offers several license types for migrations. When determining which license is required, it is important to remember that licenses are based on the source item type. You can configure your migration project at any time and purchase licenses whenever you want to run your migration. Each license type creates a new invoice for simple tracking and billing on each migration project. Below is an overview of each license type.

Collaboration Migration License

The Collaboration (per Team) Migration license is used only for Microsoft Teams migrations and will migrate up to 100GB. This license type will apply automatically if the correct number of licenses exists in your account. Each license is applied to a single team and expires 12 months after its purchase date.

If more than 100GB of data per team is being migrated, purchase enough licenses to cover the total amount of data being migrated. For example, if you have six teams and two of them have 200GB of data, you will need to purchase 8 licenses. 

This license migrates:

  • Teams
  • Channels
  • Conversations
  • Files
  • Permissions

This license does not support the use of downloaded BitTitan software such as DeploymentPro. 

G Suite Mailbox and Documents License

The G Suite Mailbox and Documents license is a license bundle (1 Google mailbox license and 1 Google document license) applicable only to migrations with G Suite (both Gmail and Google Drive) as the destination. The license will migrate up to 30GB per mailbox license, and 30GB per documents license. 

This license migrates:

  • Email
  • Contacts
  • Calendars
  • Documents

Mailbox Migration License

Mailbox Migration licenses are for migrating individual mailboxes; each license will migrate up to 50GB. 

This license migrates:

  • Emails
  • Contacts
  • Calendars
  • Journals
  • Notes
  • Tasks
  • Teams private chats (1:1, group chats, meeting chats)
  • Rules (where applicable)

This license does not support the use of downloaded BitTitan software such as DeploymentPro. 

MigrationWiz-Hybrid License

The MigrationWiz: Hybrid license is required for migrating in Hybrid Exchange environments which involve a mix of on-premise Exchange Servers and Exchange Online services, such as in Microsoft 365. Due to the nature of the migration type, data limits are based on the applicable Microsoft 365 license purchased by the customer. 

This license type includes the option to use one or more downloaded software agents to assist in completing your migration projects. If you choose not to use a downloaded agent, you cannot make use of the following features of this License: Automated Smart Batching. Furthermore, should you choose to forgo the software agent, the system will require an import via a CSV file for the migration mailboxes configuration information. Customer acknowledges and agrees that BitTitan will not be liable for any damage to Customer’s System resulting from the use of any software agents related to this License Type.

Public Folder Migration License

The Public Folder license is for use only in Exchange/Exchange Online public folder migrations. Each license will migrate up to 10GB of data per single Exchange source environment.

This license migrates:

  • Emails
  • Contacts
  • Calendars
  • Tasks

This license does not support the use of downloaded BitTitan software such as DeploymentPro. 

Shared Document License

The Shared Document license applies to document migration projects between SharePoint Online document libraries and Google Shared Drives. This license type migrates up to 50GB, or 100GB of data depending on the license size purchased. 

This license migrates:

  • Documents

  • Folders

  • Permissions

  • Versions

This license does not support the use of downloaded BitTitan software such as DeploymentPro.

Tenant Migration Bundle

The Tenant Migration Bundle is a bundled license specifically for a Microsoft 365 Tenant-to-Tenant migration. It migrates an unlimited amount of mailbox and OneDrive data as well as up to 100GB of Teams or SharePoint data per license. It is intended to be used for moving or consolidating Microsoft 365 tenants, as it will migrate most Microsoft 365 workloads. This includes Microsoft Teams to Teams or Microsoft SharePoint Online to SharePoint Online migrations.

Each bundle includes one User Migration Bundle (UMB) license and one Flex Collaboration licenses (FCL) for Teams or SharePoint content.

This license is sold directly through our Sales or Technical Sales teams, as well as through our global distribution partners. Please contact them for pricing and deployment.

This license migrates content from:

  • Groups
  • Exchange
  • OneDrive for Business
  • SharePoint Online
  • Teams

This license does not migrate:

  • Public folders

User Migration Bundle License

UMB licenses provide unlimited data for a single individual user account. The license expires 12 months after the purchase date.

This license type must be applied to a single user and will migrate their accounts and data. The license will be consumed at the rate of one license per user being migrated and cannot be applied to multiple users. 

This license migrates:

  • Mailboxes
  • Documents
  • Personal archives
  • Teams Private Chats (including 1:1, group chats, and meeting chats)

Additional functionalities:

  • Supports configuring Outlook profiles after migration
  • Supports Microsoft 365 Tenant to Tenant Coexistence

General Migration Steps

Migration Strategies

Beyond the type of migration – Mailbox, Document, Hybrid, Collaboration, Archive – the style of migration should also be considered. The amount of data, your environment, and how quickly your data needs to be available are all things to consider.

Big Bang Migration

A single-pass migration strategy that will move the entire mailbox in one pass after MX records are cut over.
A typical scenario consists of cutting over on a Friday evening and migrating during the weekend.


  • Cost-effective.
  • Simplest to implement.


  • Migration may potentially not be completed in time for various reasons.
  • Users accessing the new system may not have access to all their data when work resumes.
  • Any items created during or after the migration may be missed by a single pass.
  • Downtime may occur for some users if migration fails or takes longer than expected.

Pre-Stage Migration

A multi-pass migration consists of pre-staging a majority of the data prior to cutover and doing a Full (Delta) Pass after cutover.


  • The majority of data is available at the time of cutover.
  • Can be started much earlier, while the stages allow for the final migration push to be completed usually in a much shorter timeframe.
  • Can reduce the demand on servers with fewer available resources.


  • The final pass will not sync updates, deletes, or moving of previously migrated items.

Quick-Switch Migration

A quick-switch migration consists of pre-staging only the newest emails. New emails are accessible immediately at the time of cutover by users and the remaining data is backfilled over time.


  • Initial migration is quick.
  • The time between cutover and data availability is short.


  • Not all data is available at the time of cutover for end users.
  • Requires that the source server be available for a longer time after MX cutover.

Creating Projects

MigrationWiz allows agents full control of the migration process right from your dashboard. Everything you need is centralized here, including creating projects and purchasing licenses.

The project creation process works like this:

  1. Click the Go to My Projects
  2. Click the Create Project
  3. Click on the type of project that you wish to create.
  4. Click Next Step.
  5. Enter a Project name and select a Customer.
  6. Click Next Step.


Endpoints are now created through MigrationWiz, rather than through MSPComplete. The steps for this section outline how to create the endpoints in MigrationWiz, or how to search for one you may have previously created for another project.

If you are selecting an existing endpoint, keep in mind that only ten endpoints will show in the drop-down. If you have more than ten, you may need to search. Endpoint search is case and character-specific. For example, a Customer will not show up if the search is the customer. We recommend keeping a list of endpoints you have created, along with any unique spellings or capitalization you may have used.

You may either use existing endpoints or create new ones. 

To create a new source endpoint:

  1. Click Endpoints
  2. Click Add Endpoint

Using Existing Endpoints

If you are selecting an existing endpoint, keep in mind that only ten endpoints will show in the drop-down. If you have more than ten, you may need to search manually. Endpoint search is case and character-specific. For example, Cust0mer will not show up if the search is customer. We recommend keeping a list of endpoints you have created, along with any unique spellings or capitalization you may have used.

Adding Items for Migration

Adding items may be done in the following ways:

Quick Add
This option allows you to add items one at a time. To do so, you only have to provide an email address if you entered administrative credentials when setting up the project. If you did not, enter the following user information:
  • An email address
  • Login name
  • Password
  • Mailbox status
Bulk Add

Bulk Add uses a CSV containing the source and destination email addresses for the users to add the users to the project. If migrating only a specific group from a tenant, we recommend using the Bulk Add option.

MigrationWiz allows you to bulk import mailboxes into the system.

To import one or more mailboxes:

  1. Sign in to your MigrationWiz account.
  2. Select the Project for which you want to perform the bulk import.
  3. Click Add.
  4. Click Bulk Add
  5. Follow the instructions on the page.

​The autodiscover process within MigrationWiz can be used to discover items from the Source environment so that they can be imported into your projects. This can then be edited in the project to remove users not being migrated. All users are added with the source and destination email addresses set to match the source email.

This can be changed by using the Change Domain Name button at the top of the project page.


If the usernames are changing during the migration, we do not recommend Autodiscover. we recommend using the Bulk Add option.

Advanced & Support Options

Support and Advanced Options in MigrationWiz offer additional customizations to make your migration easier and more effective. These are not all available in every project, so each migration type will note which options are most useful to that project.

Most options require specific data to be included, so check the examples and replace any example text with the required information.

Standard Migration Process

Credentials & Authentication

Account credentials and access permissions are central to migrations. To migrate large numbers of mailboxes, for example, the migration engine needs to access each mailbox on the Source that is selected for migration. When migrating hundreds or even thousands of mailboxes, manually providing individual credentials is impractical.

The solution is creating an administrative account for the migration, which then uses techniques such as impersonation or delegation to apply a common set of credentials for all of the migrating accounts. The exact technique for achieving this varies depending on the source and destination endpoints. Different systems provide different opportunities and constraints. Each of our BitTitan migration guides is specific to a source and destination pairing and guides how best to accomplish your migration goals for the desired endpoints.

The scenario-specific migration guide will instruct you on which type of authentication to use and what credentials are required, but for more information on credentials & authentication in general, see our Help Center article on Credentials & Authentication.

Errors & Troubleshooting

If you encounter an error during the migration project, click the “Learn More” button in the error message for causes and resolution steps.

MigrationWiz may also show items as “failed”, which can mean issues with the data, or with the progress. Guidance for resolving failed and corrupt items can be found in our Errors & Failures guide.

Product Support & Documentation

BitTitan provides two primary methods of support: our Help Center, and our Support team. Our Help Center contains extensive documentation on how to set up, use, and troubleshoot our products and processes. The Support team is comprised of a team of highly trained associates across several time zones to ensure availability no matter where you are when you need help.

For routine monitoring, we also provide a system status and maintenance page at

Help Center

Our Help Center is a library of documentation covering BitTitan products and options. We are regularly adding new content and updating the existing content. You do not need to have an account to access the Help Center, and its content is always free.


Our categories are structured as follows:

  • Getting Started – information on our products, including setup and FAQ documents.
  • Migration Guides – these are our step-by-step guides to the migration process, as well as FAQs on the migration process. This section is arranged by source.
  • Error Lookup – MigrationWiz errors contain a learn more link, each of which leads to a document in this section of the help center.
  • Submit a Request – this is where you can submit a free ticket to Support. Unlike the rest of the help center, you will need to be signed in for this section.

Navigating the Help Center

The help center may be navigated through the category trees or the search bar. We have also pinned many useful documents to the front page – take a look at our new and promoted articles there.

As you navigate the help center, your path is shown at the top of the page, under the header bar. This allows you to click back to a section if you need to navigate to a new article.

Within the documentation, we use headers as anchor links. You can click on any of the titles on the left side of the page to jump directly to a subtopic. This will also provide you with a link directly to that section of the document.

We try to provide all the necessary information in as compact a form as possible, but sometimes further information is useful. We may link out to another article for more context or provide a tab or drop-down within the article to help keep information concise.

Support Team

We offer basic support in English and Japanese for free, accessible at any time through our ticketing system. If escalations are necessary, we work to pair you with an engineer with similar business hours for efficient and responsive assistance.

Additionally, BitTitan offers onboarding and enterprise support packages.  Details about these services and pricing are available in the store, which can be accessed through your BitTitan account dashboard.

How to Get Support

Our Support team can be reached directly from the Help Center by clicking on the “Submit a Request” button. To streamline the process, make sure to have the following information ready:

  • Email Address of MigrationWiz Account
  • Support Region (Americas, APAC, EMEA)
  • Phone Number (optional)
  • Workgroup (optional)
  • MigrationWiz Project (optional, but recommended)
  • Subject
  • Description (provide as much detail as possible)

To ensure receipt of emails from our Support Team, make sure all communications from and can be delivered to your mail system. Adding these domains to safe senders or whitelist rules before opening a ticket will help avoid any delays.

To purchase onboarding, visit our store at

BitTitan Dictionary of Terms

We use a lot of lingo and terms across both MigrationWiz and the migration process. Below is a list of the most common terms you’ll find in our articles.

  • Workgroups: Created via the MSPComplete interface, workgroups create permissions groups for users working on migration. Each workgroup may have multiple projects and users.
  • Batching: Batches allow for distinct groups of users to be migrated. This is useful if there are unusually large mailboxes, for example.
  • Advanced Options: Advanced options allow customization of notification emails, data center selection, and more.
  • Support Options: Support options are customization or troubleshooting features that may be added to a migration. Each migration guide contains guidance on what options may be most useful.
  • Agent: Someone with permissions within a workgroup.
  • Source: The environment data is being migrated
  • Destination: The environment data is being migrated
  • Pre-stage migration: This may be called for in some migrations to set up folder or user structures, or to migrate newer content so users can begin working within the new environment while older data is being migrated.
  • Full migration: All data is migrated in a full migration.
  • Trial pass: A trial pass tests the setup and environments to be utilized in migration to ensure they are ready. A trial pass does not require licenses.
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