IP Addresses Connected to During IP LockDown

MigrationWiz uses a global geo-distributed migration farm which includes thousands of IP addresses. In some cases, however, network administrators may want to restrict access to a pre-determined set of IP addresses for security reasons. As a result, we offer the ability to lock down a MigrationWiz connector to use only a specific set of IPs.

If an IP LockDown is required, we offer the option to bind a connector to one of our U.S. data centers, or a regional Azure Data Center. It is important to understand the impact on the migration:

  • Migration data traffic will proceed through one of our U.S. data centers, or a regional Azure Data Center, depending on what has been selected during project setup. 


  • IP LockDown does not work with BitTitan Autodiscover using MigrationWiz. To add Users to the project, use either Bulk Add via CSV file or add the Users manually.
  • IP LockDown does not work for Microsoft 365 to Microsoft 365 with Coexistence migrations.
  • For projects that use Azure Storage, IP lock down will not work for your custom Azure Storage unless Microsoft server IPs are included as well. For more details on Microsoft endpoints, refer to URL & IP address ranges.

There are two steps that need to be followed. These are detailed below:

Set Advanced Options for the project in MigrationWiz

Complete these steps to set the preferred data center and add the support option for IP LockDown:

  1. Sign in to MigrationWiz at http://migrationwiz.bittitan.com/
  2. Access the project dashboard.
  3. Click Edit, and then click Advanced Options.
  4. In the Performance section, select the customer's local region under the Preferred BitTitan Data Center drop-down menu.
  5. In the Support section, add this support option in the Support Options field: Tags=IpLockDown!
  6. Click Save.

Open firewall ports

Open firewall ports to allow MigrationWiz to communicate back to BitTitan servers. All migrations need to have the following ports open. 

  • Ports:
  • If migrating from Zimbra, ports 7070 and 7071 will also need to be open.

Add the below IP's and the IP's for your region's Datacenter listed below. These are the IPs BitTitan uses for support and other communication and should always be enabled when performing a migration.

Support IPs:


Next, find the data center that is closest to the customer, and open the firewall ports to allow access to the list of IP addresses in that data center (not all data centers have multiple IP addresses). Access is only required for the IPs in your region. For example, if you're in Asia Pacific, you do not need to allow access for the Australian IPs. 

Data Center Location IP Address(es)

Germany (when using

United States
South Africa
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