Antivirus Application Blocking Errors




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    Ankush Gambhir



    We are using CrowdStrike Antivirus.

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    Robert Lipinsky

    Is there a list of the AV providers where the DMA is already whitelisted?



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    Bill Rieger

    Cylance is blocking outlook configurator. 


    Threat Blocked

    Device computername; IP: some.ip.add.ress; MAC: my-mac-add-ress

    File path: C:\Users\someuser\AppData\Local\BitTitan\DeviceManagementAgent\module\OutlookConfigurator\OutlookConfiguratorApplication.Launcher.ApplicationLauncher.exe

    Cylance Score: -100

    Running: False, Auto Run: False




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    David Miller

    Antivirus software can help protect your computer against viruses and other security threats. In most cases, you shouldn't disable your antivirus software. If you have to temporarily disable it to install other software, you should re-enable it as soon as you're done. If you're connected to the Internet or a network while your antivirus software is disabled, your computer is vulnerable to attacks. MS Office error code 80070663

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    bosh boston

    Many antiviruses do not allow applications to run with ease. 

    windows 10 error code 0xc00000f helped me to get all the controlling error tips. I am using Bitdefender antivirus.
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    Elina Williams

    When I tried to install the software, I got the Error Code 0x80070057. It simply does not work on my system may be because it is not compatible with the Windows 10.

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