Error: This program is blocked by group policy

Antivirus and antimalware software running on client machines can block the functionality of Device Management (DMA) and DeploymentPro software. Various error messages can occur indicating that this is the case.

Error messageThis program is blocked by group policy.

Error source: DeploymentPro

Cause of error: DeploymentPro needs to be able to download the file, unpack it, and run some application files.

Description of error: DeploymentPro is scheduled  but does not show as Running. The folder OutlookConfigurator is downloaded but has not completed setup because Group Policy is blocking three essential executable files. When these are blocked, Deployment Pro is not able to finish setting up the Configurator. 

Resolution or workaround: Enter an exclusion in the antivirus policy for the three executable files:

  • BitTitanDMAOutlookConfigurator.exe
  • BitTitanDMAOutlookConfiguratorApplication.exe
  • OutlookConfiguratorApplication.Launcher.ApplicationLauncher.exe

For more information, see the article Antivirus Application Blocking Errors.


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