Release Notes - February 2021


Migrate from Google Shared Drives to SharePoint Online

MigrationWiz now supports workload migration from Google Shared Drives (Source) to SharePoint Online (Destination). This includes files, folders, permissions, versions, and metadata.


The Shared Document license type is required, one per Shared Drive, with a 50GB limit per license.


  • Migrations with 2-factor or multifactor authentication are not supported
  • SharePoint Online destination endpoint does not support GCC High migrations

Refer to the new Google Shared Drives to SharePoint Online Migration Guide for more details.

Voleer Migration Assessments

Getting started with Voleer Migration Assessments for Microsoft 365 is easy. With Voleer’s 30-day free trial, get instant access to a library of migration assessments, reports, and IT management tools.

How do I get started?

  1. Select your preferred migration assessment. There are four assessments available under the projects page in MigrationWiz:
    1. Microsoft Teams Migration Assessment
    2. Microsoft 365 Tenant Migration Assessment
    3. Microsoft 365 User Content Migration Assessment
    4. SharePoint Online Migration Assessment
  2. Log in or sign up for a Voleer trial account to access all the features and assessments included in the Pro plan free for 30 days.
  3. Run the assessment in Voleer’s secure computing environment and then export the report in Excel and PDF format.


View the available migration tools library or find out more about Voleer Migration Assessments.

Hybrid: Delete Mailboxes

Description: Customers are now able to delete mailboxes from a Hybrid project:

  • Deleting mailboxes will not break the existing delegate relationship.

  • We will include action logs for the deleted mailboxes and failed mailboxes.

  • We will only delete unsubmitted mailboxes. Submitted mailboxes may be selected for deletion, but will not be removed and will be reported on accordingly.

Hybrid: Add Delegate list to 'Check for Delegates' Flyout

Description: The current display only shows a link to download a .csv, this is now replaced with a full list of the delegates on the flyout.

Resources: Help Center: Hybrid Exchange Management Guide



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