Release Notes - March 2021


Tenant To Tenant: Different Domain

Tenant To Tenant Coexistence: Different Domain - Verbose Logging

Description: Previously the errors generated in MigrationWiz were very limited and did not provide adequate feedback on the failure of certain items. This has been addressed so that migrators can now effectively troubleshoot errors themselves.

This new feature now shows which functions failed and possible explanation as to why this might have occurred in the dialog box, subject to the response from the API.


DMA release version 1.4.50325.4361

DeploymentPro occasionally would appear to finish successfully for a user, but the created Outlook profile could not be loaded. The user could see the following two errors when opening Outlook:

  • Outlook could not log on even though the network connection was good and the server and mailbox configurations were correct. The Microsoft Exchange information service was missing the required information in some cases. 

  • System resources were critically low in these scenarios.

The profile creation fix in this release solves the above problems.

Additionally, the cached mode was set to All by default before, which forced Outlook to download all mail, resulting in performance issues.  This fix sets cached mode value to 12 months.

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