Account Exceeded Bandwidth Limits Error

​Account exceeded bandwidth limits: ​When migrating from G Suite/Gmail, you may encounter the error “Account exceeded bandwidth limits.”

This is happpens if you attempt to retrieve data too fast from your Gmail account. Normally, you would not encounter this problem migrating your mailbox with MigrationWiz, as we have mechanisms in place to prevent this. You may encounter this error if you are migrating your mailbox away from Google while having an email client downloading lots of data at the same time.


Once you get this error, Google basically penalizes you by locking remote data access to your mailbox for 24 hours. This means that you will have to resubmit your migration in 24 hours to continue from where we left off. Resubmit your migration 24 hours after the first occurrence of this error message in the error log for the mailbox.

Note: Attempting to perform a CAPTCHA will not unlock your account.

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