Duplicate folder exists for two different item types and cannot be mapped

​Duplicate folder exists for two different item types and cannot be mapped.

This error indicates that MigrationWiz detected two or more folders of different item types, such as Contact and Mail.


Most systems do not allow the creation of two folders with the same name at the same hierarchy level. For example, with Microsoft Exchange Server, you cannot create an email folder called "My Contacts" if there is another contact folder with the same name "My Contacts".  For this reason, MigrationWiz alerts you of the name conflict by reporting an error.

We recommend the following:

  • Have the user log in to their Source environment and rename one of the offending folders.

  • Resubmit the migration.

If no offending folder is found, then you can do the following:

  • Run a Full Migration for mail only, and then run an additional pass for contacts and calendar only, which bypasses this error.
    • You'll be able to choose what item types to migrate in the confirmation window when starting a Full Migration in the `Select What to Migrate` section

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