Release Notes - October 2020


Hybrid Agent V2

The Hybrid Agent V2 is a GUI-based installed agent that is downloaded from the Hybrid Project in MigrationWiz. It provides the ability to import mailbox information into the MigrationWiz database for use in any Hybrid project.

The Agent V2 refresh adds the ability to have flexible batching from the Agent, which allows tagging mailboxes by AD or Exchange attributes and creating automated batching based on these items

The flexible batching feature enables automatic mailbox batching based on the criteria that is set in the UI. This can be a combination of Active Directory and Exchange attributes that are listed in subsequent sections.

Hybrid E-mail notification on batch status

When a batch is moved from any state into the ‘Syncing’ or ‘Finalizing’ state, the user that triggered the batch will be notified by email.

E-mail notification events also include:

  • Sync Started
  • Finalization Started
  • Sync Complete
  • Finalization Complete
  • Sync Failed
  • Finalization Failed
  • Sync Schedule Failed
  • Finalization Schedule Failed

Hybrid Batch Scheduler

The user will now be able to schedule the sync and finalization stages so that the migration can start automatically when the batch is ready.

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