January 2020 Release Notes



Collaboration/Teams Projects

  1. Select which teams to migrate via CSV:

  2. Migrate to or from a US Government tenant using specific Advanced Options: 

If migrating from a US Government Tenant, add:

If migrating to a US Government Tenant, add:

Refer to https://help.bittitan.com/hc/en-us/articles/360036129554-MigrationWiz-Collaboration-Migration-Migrate-using-US-Government-Tenants for more details. 


  1. Teams - Download CSV report
    1. Previously, when user clicked on the download link, a new tab was opened temporarily before the download started. After the fix, the download action now starts immediately without opening a new tab. 


  1. GSuite (Gmail API)
    1. Improved batching mechanics, added retry for failed items in a batch.
      1. Using GSuite (Gmail API) endpoint at destination now has better throughput, up to 50% faster.
    2. Improved error message for invalid labels and how to workaround using folder mapping. 
  2. Teams - Mapping Renamed Channels / Folders

    1. Add the foldermapping commands to the Support Options section of the Advanced Options.
    2. g. FolderMapping=”^TeamA/Shared Documents/Oldname->TeamA/Shared Documents/Newname”
      Note:Enter the correct information for each team mailnickname and channel name in place of “TeamA”, “Oldname”, and “Newname” in the example.

Refer to https://help.bittitan.com/hc/en-us/articles/360039649333-MigrationWiz-Collaboration-Migration-Mapping-Renamed-Folders-in-Teams for more details

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