Release Notes - May 2020


Teams Application Permission

(Enable via AdvancedOptions ‘UseApplicationPermission = 1’ )

Customers can now perform Teams migrations securely with App Permissions (instead of having to use Global Admin and/or Site Collection Admin permissions). There are now two authentication options for app ID, supporting a least-permissions method to authenticate. The new app with ReadOnly permissions can only be used at the source for better security. The destination environment still requires full permissions.

For steps and more information, see Read-Only Application Permissions for Teams Migrations


AMR v2

(Enable via Advanced Options UseAsynchronousMetadataRead=1 )

This sets AMR API as the default API in order to reduce the number of calls against the tenants. This can improve migration performance when running migrations with large numbers of folders. AMR is now supported for both source and destination. Previously it was only available for the source. Applicable for SharePoint, OneDrive (both v1 and v2), and Office 365 groups migration. For more information, read ReadOnly App Permissions.

  • Important Notes

    • SharePoint on-premises does not support AMR; only SharePoint Online supports AMR

    • AMR requires at least a Site Admin role or higher

      • AMR will not work with Site Owner role


Teams Assessment Performance Improvement

Teams assessments will see significant speed and performance improvement now that the connection to each SharePoint site is removed during the Assessment stage.

GSuite (Gmail API) Improvement

During Verify Credentials, MigrationWiz will also verify the credentials for contacts and calendars. If the verification fails, warnings will be shown. This applies for GSuite (Gmail API) endpoints, either as source or destination.


Improved Projects Search Criteria

Users can now search by project name, mailbox, address, path or library across all project types and customers.


Improved Projects Page Navigation Toolbar

A new separate dropdown menu has been added to the project page navigation toolbar to distinguish between Apply Licenses and Outlook Reconfiguration. It is now easier to manage UMB license, DeploymentPro and HealthCheck. Previously, these actions were collapsed/hidden under a ‘More' menu.


Screen Resize Bug

Previously, on certain screen resolutions, the sort and filter icon disappears. This bug has been fixed.

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